Summary: The message to the church at Pergamos. False Doctrine

Rev. 2:12-17

1.The commendation (v.13).

- The church was loyal to Christ¡¦s name despite living in what Jesus called the seat of Satan

- The church was pure in doctrine.

- The church was standing fast in persecution.

2.The complaint: false doctrine and worldly living (v.14-15).

- The worldly church is guilty of the doctrine of Balaam. What does this mean? It means that corruption and worldliness are within the church itself; it means a mixture of religion and worldliness. Balac, the Moabite king reigning adjacent to Palestine, feared Israel. To protect his kingdom, he sought the services of Balaam, a prophet, to curse Israel. When the king first approached Balaam, Balaam refused. But he accepted the second offer. Three times Balaam cursed Israel, but with no results. He then conceived an evil plan. He would corrupt them. He suggested Moabite girls seduce Israel¡¦s men to intermarry and lead them to worship their idolatrous gods. The scheme worked. And Israel, though rooted in God, became unequally yoked together with worldliness and was thereby corrupted.

- The worldly church is guilty of making the false profession of the Nicolaitans

- no law; do what we like just as long as we profess Christ.

3.The counsel: repent (v.16).

-Today, the problems consist of pornography, sexual sin, cheating, gossiping, lying, gambling.

-Don¡¦t bow to the pressure to be open-minded.

4.The warning: God will come, oppose, and fight against (v.16).

-Christ warns the church that intermingles with worldliness that he will come quickly and make war against the worldly.

-Deut 32:32-43

-self sufficiency and pride

5.The promise: to the overcomers (v.17).

what does the hidden manna mean? What is the bread of heaven? The very purpose of bread is to give life. Bread gives life by...

„hnourishing and sustaining



„hcreating desire (the need) for more

„hbeing eaten on a regular basis

Note that Jesus Christ Himself gives life to the overcomer by doing the very same thing. Jesus Christ...

-The point is clearly seen: the person who overcomes worldliness¡Xwho stops feeding upon the world¡Xthat person will be given the food of heaven itself.

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