Summary: This message is addressed to our leaders as we attempt to recast a vision for our church.


1. Let’s develop a plan to use our building as an evangelism tool by making it available free for funerals to families who have suffered violence resulting in a death. We can also make the gym available for repasts for free to families who have been victims of violence. Let us organize a group who would be willing to serve to serve the meal that is provided by the family.

1. Session has approved use of the building.

2. Choose A Point Person

3. Contact Funeral Home

4. Make Policy Known On Materials, Website, Bulletin Board

2. Let’s go forward with the dream of showing up at vigils with water and other information so that we can have a greater community presence among those who are suffering a loss.

• Need Point Person

3. Let’s also go forward with the idea of providing meals to families who have suffered a loss by delivering a meal at their home.

• Need Point Person

4. Let’s Develop a new ministry for women and men in pregnancy crisis situations. That ministry may involve education, resources, material benefits, mentoring, looking at the purchase of a house for women to stay, and looking at ways and which we can point people towards adoption.

• Need Point Person

• Attending Faith Based Opportunities Tuesday

• Volunteers Needed A Crisis Store For Mothers

5. Let let’s re-examine our hunger ministries and see if we are doing all that we can to make them as an evangelistic tool as possible. Could we include some testimonies at least one in our hot meal program before serving the meal. Also what can we do to get more of our people to welcome those who have come for the grocery bags and seek to build some type of relationship with the people

• Video On Salvation Chosen

• May Use Sunday Testimony

• New Cards For Meals

6. Let’s make our community cleanup day an annual event. Try to include other community groups and businesses in the event.

• Did Community Cleanup With Cleveland Bagel

• Community Partnership 2 School Groups

7. Let’s allow people to come in for the rest rooms.


8. Let’s develop a plan in which we have a strategy to contact visitors for a minimum of three months unless the person is from out of town. That ministry is to include letters calls and emails.

9. Let’s develop a ministry that will include building relationships with the new guest and the Pastor’s by having a luncheon of some kind at least once every two months. The goal would be to get new people to know each other and to build friendships.


10. We need to change our priorities from the church being about us to reaching the world for Christ.

• Leaders Listening To Video

11. We must surrender personal preference to how we can reach more people who are lost.

• No Action Yet

12. Rehearsal time probably should be changed to open the building up for other usage on Saturdays particularly if we start the ministry of using our sanctuary for services for those who have died at the hands of violence.

• No Action Yet

13. Let’s Play background music right up to the moment when the praise team opens the service. This hopefully will give the praise team more time to get in place.

• No Action Yet

14. Let’s Move the seating arrangement in the church from the side to the middle aisle by blocking off the side aisles. Untill middle his full. This will enhance our worship experience by making a scene and feel more like a community and that we enjoyed being with each other in exulting the name of Christ.

• NO Action Yet

15. We eliminate using the chapel as an overflow during the second service and encourage everyone to come into the sanctuary except for the monitor TVs for the ushers in the fellowship hall.

• Action Completed

16. We audit all church ministries to see if they are doing anything to grow and reach new members or to reach those who are lost and if they are not then we allow them to end.

• NO Action Yet

17. To do events at the church groups must also indicate an event they intend to do that is primarily to reach those who are lost.

• NO Action Yet

18. Assign good ideas to individuals who will make them happen.

• NO Action Yet

19. Let’s refer to our church as a campus and refer to the people as the church. Let’s use language indicating we are to be the army of God serving in our community

• Beginning Waiting On New Literature

20. Let’s eliminate coffee hour on the third Sunday when we should all be together in prayer

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