Summary: How the Spirit Brings to Mind Truth at the Right Time

John 14:25-27

Theme - The Spirit refreshes our memory bringing relevant truth to our minds, at the proper time.

Are you aware of the many ways that the Spirit brings vital truth to your attention during important decision-making times? Plato once said, "Truth is the beginning of every good thing. If you want to be blessed and happy you should first gain truth, for then you can be trusted." The Spirit has a unique way of quickening our intellect to focus on specific truths that are appropriate when we are making vital decisions. He interprets truth by giving it meaning and relevant to our situations. Many people are confused because their thoughts are not refined by His interpretative perceptions. The Spirit is the author and illuminator of our minds. He suggests thoughts when we are discerning the best, from merely good choices. Do not let good choices become obstacles to the perfect will of God. The Spirit can bring to our minds forgotten truths, examples, and errors to avoid. He can fill our memories with stories of encouragement when we are almost overwhelmed by discouragements. The Spirit filters out harmful information from useful truth. Do not let an adversaries’ accusations force you to give up. The Spirit’s still small voice urges us on to the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Let us pursue truth in the spirit as well as according to the letter. Truth without the right attitude tends toward legalism.

Question - What are the reasons the Spirit reminds us of forgotten truths?

Prayer - Lord, bring to our minds your truths and help us to be willing to obey your prompting.

Feb 14th……

.. I Cor. 2:14-16

Theme - The Spirit gives us the power to serve, think, and believe according to the plans of God.

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to serve God successfully for 50 years without growing weary? Trusting is in God renews ones’ energies. How calmly we can commit ourselves to the hands of Him who bears up the world. No matter how intelligent, trained, or gifted,no one is ble to serve God without the power of the Holy pirit. He is the one who enables us to gain the otivations to proceed in the face of all kinds of pposition. When we read about Paul’s dynamic ministry that spanned over a 30 year period of terrible persecution, we have to thank the Spirit for His continuous empowering. Paul envisages himself as a conquering General returning from a great victory. His victories gave greater glory to God for His Spirit’s empowering. The Spirit always leads us in triumph through Christ. Adversity cannot possibly overcome you if you are being led by the Spirit. God’s grace will never lead you where His Spirit will not provide everything you need. The unfathomable depth of the Spirit’s energizing ministry is the secret to any life dedicated to Jesus Christ. Others will sense the fragrance of your victory. Do not try to rely on your own strength, cunning, or resources. The Spirit gives you the initiative and the staying power to complete all of His will.

Question - Why do some people grow tired and operate at less than full power?

Prayer - Lord, help us to continually rely on your Spirit for motivations, energy, and resources to serve you wholeheartedly.

Feb 15th John 14:15-21

Theme - The Spirit gives us hope and clear insights into what is to come.

Why are Spirit-led people able to rise above defeats? The Spirit gives us an inward sense of hope for a better tomorrow. Hope is the anchor of the soul. Hope is the stimulus for action. Hope is faith holding out its hand in the darkest of nights. If it were not for hope, the heart would break. The Spirit of God works through believers’ obedience and love to provide hope. He discloses insights into the future. The more we hope in His Spirit’s capacities, the greater we will be able to love and obey. He gives us the Comforter who counsels us in the ways to go. He is not just a legal advocate advising us in the interpretation of the law. Do not let your obedience come only out of grudging compliance to the commandments. Obedience is not to be a burden. This revelation is given through assurances of the hope laid up for His followers. Jesus endured the suffering, criticisms, and deceit from men as He fixed His gaze on the hope before Him. Stop fixing your attention on your circumstances. Transfer your hope toward what awaits you in heaven. Thousands have gladly gone to their death as martyrs for Christ with their vision fixed on His glorious hope. Behind every dark cloud there is a ray of sunlight’s hope. Without hope we cannot live, pray, or achieve. If our hope were in this world we would be people to be pitied.

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