Summary: A sermon examining the fact that no matter what happens God is still God!

He's Still God

Daniel 3:17-18

1 Chronicles 16:25 (says) "For great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised: he also is to be feared above all gods." - The Lord IS great and He IS worthy to be praised. But this does not just apply when things are good. Many times we are guilty of praising the Lord when things are going our way. Too often we are quick to blame Him when things are going wrong. He is worthy to be praised in the good times AND in the bad. He is worthy of praise on the mountaintop and in the valley. We are to praise Him in the midst of the storm and in times of peace.

Sometimes we pray and God answers those prayers the way that we would choose. Other times we pray and God answers but the answer is the opposite of what we would want. I am here to tell you that even in those times HE IS STILL GOD! When we join together and pray for a child that is in the hospital and God moves in a mighty way and that child receives a miracle and is healed it is easy to join together and praise the Lord. Then there are times when we join together and pray for a man who has been sick for years and in and out of the hospital for months and even with fervent prayer that man passes away. Does this mean that God did not hear our prayer? Did God let us down? Is God any less worthy of our praise? Absolutely not! God is sovereign and He knows what is best. Even in a situation like that... HE IS STILL GOD!

We are living in increasingly difficult days... especially for the born again Christian. We are headed for oppression, opposition and persecution like we have never seen before. Even though things may be bad and getting worse, we can face the future with hope. How can we have hope? Because no matter what we may face, nothing can change the fact that God is still God!

Troublesome times for God's people is nothing new. One of the most well known examples of God's people facing persecution is the story of the 3 Hebrew Children. I would like to look at this very familiar passage of scripture and preach on the fact that no matter what God's children may face... "He's Still God". The first thing that we will see from their story is that:

I. Though The Government Denies Him...He's Still God

King Nebuchadnezzar erected a gold statue in Babylon. He sent word to his subordinates to come to the dedication of this idol. The princes, governors, captains, judges, treasurers, counselors, sheriffs, and all the rulers of the provinces gathered together before the image of gold. It was demanded that when the music was played that all would bow and worship this 90ft statue. The King also warned that any who refused to bow and worship the idol would be bound and cast into a furnace of fire.

Nebuchadnezzar was not the first ruler to set up a false idol and he won't be the last. Our current government has not set up an image of gold, but there is an attempt by many of our leaders to deny God. Secularism, humanism, and atheism are on the rise in America. In recent decades our leaders have attempted to ban God from every area of our society. They have taken prayer and the bible out of our schools. They have banned the 10 Commandments from our courthouses. They have endorsed immorality. They have legalized the murder of babies in the mother's womb. They have attempted to redefine marriage. In almost every budget, every bill, every law that is passed the Legislative, judicial and executive branches of our government make it clear that God is not welcome in our country. (Let us not put all of the blame on the politicians, we are the one who keep electing them!)

When you look at where we are as a country it is apparent that we are headed for some dark days in America. Just look at the current frontrunners for the Democrat and Republican presidential nomination. If you expect either one of them to bring real positive change, if you expect either one of them to seek God's direction as they lead our country for the next 4 years I am afraid you are going to be very disappointed! But if you are truly born again there is no need to fear! We are citizens of another country! And our King cannot be defeated or dethroned!

Nebuchadnezzar denied the One True God and instituted false worship. But this did not change the fact that God was still God! Regardless of what the future hold for America...HE'S STILL GOD!!! It is easy (and justified) to complain about the fact that the government denies God, but it is not just those in high places who deny God.

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