Summary: The only way to truly find rest is to trust in Jesus Christ for our rest. That's what He tells us in Matthew 11:28-30


(this is a re-work from one of my previous sermons for labor day)

Matthew 11:28-30 (NLT)

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Intro: Tennessee Ernie Ford sang, "You load 16 tons, & what do you get, another day older & deeper in debt."

. Someone else sang, "Up in the morning, out on the job, work like the devil for my pay. Fuss with my woman, toil for my kids, work till I’m wrinkled & gray. But that lucky old sun just rolls around heaven all day."

. Back years ago Johnny paycheck had a country hit with a song titled Take This Job And Shove It. A song about the hardship of work and life. It seemed that in the song, he was just tired wasn’t he?

. One of my brothers will call me and say how's it going? My answer is; same old same old. I get up, work, regular job and church job, go to bed and get up the next morning and do it again.

. That's how most of us live isn't it?

. Thank God there is a holiday for us to rest in.

. Today is Labor Day Eve.

. Labor Day never made much sense to me as I was growing up. My thoughts were that if this is Labor Day, why don’t people work.

. Labor Day actually has its roots in Canada back in the 1800”s. some American men who were involved in the labor movement here in the U.S. observed the holiday in Canada and pushed for the holiday here in the U.S.

. In 1894 Grover Cleveland proclaimed the first Monday in Sept. as Labor Day.

. At first it was to recognize the labor unions and their commitment to the American worker.

. Through the years it has evolved into nothing more than a day off work. There is no special emphasis placed upon this day in honor of labor unions.

. Instead it has evolved into the weekend that college football starts or the last taste of summer before fall comes.

. It means many different things to many different people.

. Most of all though, it’s just a day off from work. It’s been several months since the last holiday, (July 4) and we are tired aren’t we.

. A Tahoma, Washington newspaper carried the story of Tattoo the basset hound a while back. Tattoo didn’t intend to go for an evening run, but when his owner shut the dog’s leash in the car door and took off for a drive – with Tattoo still outside the vehicle, he had no choice. Motorcycle officer Terry Filbert notice a passing vehicle with something dragging behind it. He commented that the poor basset hound was, “picking them up and putting them down as fast as he could.” He chased the car to a stop, and Tattoo was rescued. But not before the dog had reached a top speed of 25 miles per hour, falling down and rolling over several times.

Too many of us are living our lives like Tattoo, picking them up and putting them down as fast as we can – rolling around & feeling dragged through life.

Time magazine noted that back in the 60’s, expert testimony was given to a Senate sub-committee on time management. They predicted that advances in technology would radically change how many hours a week people worked. They forecasted that the average American would be working 22 hours a week within 20 years. “The great challenge,” the experts said, “would be figuring out what to do with all the excess time.” Over 40 years later, after major advances in technology – how many of us are wondering what to do with all the excess time on our hands?

. It seems the experts were wrong weren’t they.

. Rest is what many desire.

. I asked several here at church last week what they were doing for the holiday and they said pastor, all I want to do is rest. It seems all I do is run around all the time and I’m going to take a day and just rest.

. As I meditated about today’s sermon, the desire of getting or having rest was impressed upon me . How do we truly rest.

. The Bible has much to say about rest.

. The Jewish people were constantly seeking rest or refuge in God.

. In Joshua Chapter 1, Moses has died and God has told Joshua to lead the Jewish nation across the Jordan River and into the Promised Land. Look at how this Promised Land is defined by Joshua as he talks to the tribes of Israel.

. Joshua 1:13-15: 13“Remember what Moses, the servant of the LORD, commanded you: ‘The LORD your God is giving you a place of rest. He has given you this land.’

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