Summary: Funeral Service for elderly Christian lady who was active in church work


From the pulpit of Bayview Baptist Church, Columbia, SC

Mrs. Ruby Shealy Crosland, Age 86


Psalm 100


Hymn # 407 “Because He Lives”

Piano Solo: “How Great Thou Art”

John 12:12-19

This is the final picture of the maturing Christian found in the public ministry of Jesus, in the Gospel of John.

It’s a picture of the Christian’s triumphal entry into heaven with Jesus Christ.

This triumphal entry is described in detail for us in First Thessalonians 4:14-18.

First Thessalonians 4:14-18

When the Apostle Paul wrote these words, he was writing to the church to fix a problem that was causing conflict and confusion in the church.

While waiting for Jesus’ return, the Thessalonians had become concerned that friends and family who had already died would miss Jesus’ great appearing at His Second Coming.

Paul wrote because he wanted to clear up this matter, so there would be no ignorance and grief.

When Jesus comes again, “the dead in Christ will rise first.”

They will have a head start.

Cemeteries all over the world will be sprinkled with empty graves.

Death seems so final, but it is not.

Jesus died, but death did not have the final word.

He rose from the grave, and because Jesus arose, those who die in Christ will rise from their grave as well.

That’s what we call the “rapture” and it brings great comfort to Christians because they are not at a disadvantage when the rapture comes.

One of the real tests of a person’s belief system is how that belief system stands up in the face of death.

Death is the final uncertainty we face in life; in fact, death is the darkest uncertainty of all!

Death hurts!

Even if you’re a Christian, death hurts!

But for the Christian, we don’t grieve in hopelessness, but our grief is infused with hope; because at the core of our Christian faith is the fact that Jesus Himself died, was buried, and rose from the grave.

The cross and the empty tomb of Jesus change everything, including the way Christians grieve.

So, we can have confidence and trust today that our loved one, Mrs. Ruby Crosland is safe and secure in the presence of God.

What a wonderful example of Christianity and Christian service was the life of Mrs. Crosland.

She loved the churches of our community.

Over the years, Mrs. Crosland served faithfully as a member of Jackson Creek Baptist, Dentsville Baptist, and Bayview Baptist Church.

She became a member of Bayview Baptist Church 35 years ago in March of 1966.

Being a member of a local church meant to Mrs. Crosland that she was going to be involved in what God was doing in the work of that church.

At Bayview, Mrs. Crosland was a member of the Keenagers.

She was a Sunday School teacher in the Shining Lights Sunday School class, and at one time was a member of our choir.

Mrs. Crosland served as an officer on the associational level, with the Columbia Metro W.M.U.

She was a faithful member of our W.M.U. named recently in her honor; our Ruby Crosland Women On Mission.

When you looked at Mrs. Crosland, you saw the W.M.U. in action, for she exemplified missions and was a mentor to many in the maturing of their spiritual life, as Christ lived in her!

Mrs. Crosland always supported local, state, and world missions in her Christianity in action.

But even though she served faithfully in many different areas and work in our church, the most important thing I can say about her life is that one day years ago, she asked Jesus Christ to enter into the deepest chambers of her heart to become her Lord and Savior for ever.

I’ve been Mrs. Crosland’s pastor going on 6 years.

I can genuinely say that in that time, I cannot ever remember a time that she spoke unlovingly toward anyone, and I want to say that this has a tremendous meaning for me because it shows the love of God who lived in her.

Her Christian example will always be cherished and the memories I have of her will always have a special place in my heart.

When Jesus rode the unbroken colt into Jerusalem, He was actually making a day of Triumphant Entry for us.

Just as clearly as the Messiah rode into Jerusalem, we know that He is coming again.

And on that glorious day, those who trust and believe in Him will be caught up in the sky to join Him.

Mrs. Ruby Crosland will be at the head of the class not because of her works and deeds, but because of her genuine faith and belief in our Lord Jesus Christ.

As we remember the life Mrs. Crosland lived, ask yourself a genuine question: “Am I living a life so that others can see Jesus in me?”

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