Summary: When trouble comes in the form of murder, divorce, death of a loved one who do you go to for comfort?


New Liberty Christian Church, Veedersburg, IN with Rich McQuinn on 9-11-11

TEXT: PSALM 46:1-11

INTRODUCTION: Do you have your Bibles today? Please raise them up so I can see them. Open them to our text this morning from Psalms 46:1-11. I want to give you something to remember today. Something that you can hang your hat on. Something that will cause you to stop dead in your tracks and know assuredly that God loves and cares for you. I want you to fully listen to this message and pray that God will fill your heart as you listen. The reading of the text begins with verse 1:

God is our protection and our strength. He always helps in times of trouble. So we will not be afraid even if the earth shakes or the mountains fall into the sea, even if the oceans real and foam or the mountains shake at the raging sea. There is a river that brings joy to the city of God, the Holy Place where God Most High lives. God is in that city, and so it will not be shaken. God will help her at dawn. Nations tremble and the kingdoms shake. God shouts and the earth crumbles. The Lord All Powerful is with us; the God of Jacob is our defender. Come and see what the Lord has done; the amazing things he has done on the earth. He stops wars everywhere on the earth. He breaks all bows and spears and burns up the chariots with fire. God says “Be quiet and know that I am God, I will have supreme over all the nations, and I will be supreme in the earth.” The Lord God is All Powerful and He is with us all. He is the God of Jacob our defender.

We have just read a whole chapter in Psalms. The writers of the Bible all trusted God and the workings of God’s Holy Spirit. I for one, as I stand in this pulpit, tell you that I firmly believe in every Word written here. It is true, and Holy. Do you share in this belief? Then if you do let us prepare to receive the blessings today in this service

It does us all good to stop the busy lives we live and think on the important things in life. Those underlying items that have gotten us where we are today.

For instance do you remember what you were doing when you first heard that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7th? A few of you can tell me the stories.

Can you tell me where you were when JFK was shot in Dallas on November 20, 1963? I was sitting in an English class in Lincoln Christian University; Lincoln, IL when some one opened the class door and shouted the President has been shot. I was thinking she meant President Earl C. Hargrove of our school. Wrong.

Can you tell me where you were when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded?

I had just finished my morning school bus route. I safely delivered 60 plus children to their schools. I put the bus in the ban and took off to my second job as an insurance agent with Allstate. Office opened at 9 and I usually make it there at 8:45. I turn on the local news for 15 minutes on the TV just to see what was happening over night. But I kept the station on for three straight days. That was 10 years ago today.

If you are a TV buff, then you have been watching for a solid week the history of 9-11. It has been interesting to say the least.

There are two things I want you to remember when you leave this service this morning.


All of us have been down in a deep hole and we knew there was no way we were going to get out of it, but somehow we made it. We lived through it, God was watching over us. We are stronger people because of it.

Take for instance in the book of Genesis when Adam rebelled against God in chapter 3. All of us could have felt the same rebellion as the first Man did. God could have stopped the rebellion right now. But man was not made to be robots at Gods every hand moment. We are all free will folks. We make our own choices and sometimes we pay the price for it. God Almighty made provisions before the world was ever created for man’s redemption; knowing full well that man would make disastrous choices from the beginning. When Adam and Eve finally “fessed-up”, He was there with a covering for their nakedness and shame; exacting the ultimate punishment on an innocent victim to cover man’s sin. But, He was there! Now that is lasting Faith!

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