Faith in Action

Youth Sermon
Created by Youth Sermons on Sep 5, 2023
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True faith in Jesus requires action, believing that Jesus can do anything, and joining God in serving the world.

Faith in Action

Youth Group Plan: Faith in Action (James 2:14-17)

Youth Sermon: Faith in Action


Today, we're gonna talk about how our faith in Jesus should lead us to take action. So, let's dive in!

Check out this flashlight. It's pretty standard, right? But what good is it if I don't turn it on and use it? (Turn on the flashlight) See, now it's doing what it's meant to do - shine light! Our faith is like this flashlight. It's great to have, but it's only useful when we put it into action.

Our faith is like this flashlight. It's great to have, but it's only useful when we put it into action.

The Centurion's Faith

Let's talk about the Centurion in Luke 7. This guy was a Roman soldier, and he wasn't a Jew. But he heard about Jesus and believed that Jesus could heal his servant. So, he went to Jesus and asked for help. That's some serious faith in action!

True faith requires action. Just like the Centurion, we need to recognize that Jesus is our only hope for healing and making us new. We have to step out in faith and trust that Jesus will take care of us.

True faith believes that Jesus can do anything. The Centurion knew that Jesus had the power to heal his servant, even from far away. We need to have that same kind of faith, trusting that Jesus can do anything in our lives.

Faith in Action

True faith joins God in serving the world. In James 2, we learn that faith without works is dead. We need to show our faith by helping others and serving the world around us.

This week, let's look for ways to put our faith into action. Maybe it's helping a friend who's going through a tough time or volunteering at a local food bank. Whatever it is, let's show our faith by our actions.

Closing Prayer

Let's pray: 'Lord, help us to put our faith into action. Show us how we can serve others and make a difference in the world around us. Thank you for your love and guidance. Amen.'

Small Group Breakout Questions

1. How does Jesus' authority in our lives play a role in our trust in him?

2. Who is someone you know who demonstrates powerful faith in Jesus? Why would you choose them as an example?

3. What is the relationship between our faith and our works?

4. Are good works a requirement for salvation, or is faith alone sufficient? Why?

5. What is one way we can live out our faith through service this week?

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Icebreaker: Trust Fall

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