Summary: The American Wedding Ceremony has many elements which correspond to the Act of Baptism and they both unite for life

Last Sunday, we talked about wedding ceremonies. We talked about how they differ from country to country and from culture to culture.

We spent a considerable amount of time talking specifically about one type of a wedding ceremony that was practiced during Jesus day, among the Jewish people.

And in talking about that type of ceremony, we saw through the scriptures, how that same ceremony paints a beautiful picture of the wedding between Jesus Christ and his church.

And in that picture we saw how each member of the Church has been a participant in that type of a wedding ceremony.

We also noticed that the Church is in waiting. Waiting for the bridegroom to complete all the necessary preparations, so that those who are in the church can spend eternity with the one who loves her most, Jesus Christ.

And we saw that when that day arrives, the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, the trumpet of God shall sound and there will be great rejoicing in the fact that, we who loved his appearing will be forever with him.

So, what we talked about last week was the union between Christ and His Church. We talked about the church as a whole, and how it, as a whole, belongs to God, because of what his son was willing to pay for her.

And I hope that you keep that in mind as we continue on with today’s lesson, because that was only part of the picture, that I will be presenting to you this morning.

Today, I would like to continue talking about a wedding ceremony. But this time, rather than looking at wedding ceremonies of different countries and cultures.

I would like to use our American wedding ceremony, as an analogy of how people come into and become a part of the Bride of Christ.

To begin with, I would like to start out by asking of you, two questions.

#1 is this: “Have you ever pledged your love, your commitment, your devotion and your faithfulness to Jesus Christ?”

#2 question is this: “By what specific act, did you use to show your love, your commitment, your devotion and your faithfulness to Christ?”

The answer is:

“Through the Act of baptism.”

It is in and through the Act of baptism that we pledge our love and commitment and faithfulness to Christ, as a bride aught to do toward the one she belongs to and vis-a-vers.

So this morning, I would like to compare our American Wedding Ceremony with the act of baptism, as an illustration of how we enter into an everlasting covenant with Christ.

Let us review some aspects of an American Wedding Ceremony.

(Many types of Ceremonies today - But talking about the traditional one here)

First of all, almost every couple that has come to me for pre-marital counseling, believes that marriage is a life-long commitment - one man for one woman, for life.

That is an accurate picture of what marriage is to be, from the beginning marriage was always intended to be a life-long commitment.

In (Matt.19) Some Pharisees came to test Jesus with a question and so they asked him; Is it lawful for a man to diverce his wife for any and every reason?

Aand then in Verse 8 he responds to that by saying to them; Moses permited you to diverce your wives because your hearts were heard. But it was not this way from the beginning.

And so we see that from the beginning to this very day, marriage was and is intended to be a life-long commitment.

Next, we know that in every marriage there is a best man.

Traditionally, it was the responsibility of the best man to take care of the little details, as far as the groom was concerned.

For instance, it was the best man who was to arrange for the bachelor party. It is the best man who is to pay the preacher for services rendered.

It is the best man who holds the rings, until the exchange of vows are made.

It is the best man who was to chauffeur the bride and groom as they made their way to the reception Hall.

Basically, it was the responsibility of the best man to ensure that all was prepared in advance for the groom to enjoy his wedding day.

Also, we know as in almost every wedding ceremony that there is none so beautiful as the bride on her wedding day, as she is adorned in a beautiful white gown, with a flowing veil, and a radiant glow about her.

Everyone there admires her beauty. She is the one person, who all in attendance, with great anticipation desire to see, they are all looking for her and at her.

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