Summary: This is the 175th sermon in the series Action". This is the 12th sermon from Ephesians.

Series: Action [#175]


Ephesians 4:7-16


One of the most important things that people desire to see in any relationship, a job, or an organization is growth. Just surviving is not enough. The theme of Ephesians 4 is unity. Without unity, there is no growth. How do we experience unity? Christians, we are the Body of Christ, and we have to be unified to experience growth. We are spiritually rich in Christ. How do we see that spiritual wealth grow?

Ephesians 4:7-11

We are strengthened through…

1. Leadership.

We have studied about the price Jesus paid for sin. When He died, His soul went to Hades. Although, we know that He descended into Hades; He also had descended from Heaven to Earth. He left Heaven to live on this Earth as a man and to pay our price of sin. Through Jesus’ victory over sin, death, Hell, and Satan; He has led His people to Heaven. Jesus also gave His people gifts.

When a person is saved, the Holy Spirit of God comes into their life. He also gives the new Christian spiritual gifts. These gifts are for the building of the Body of Christ. There are 5 different passages in the New Testament that discuss these spiritual gifts- Our text is 1 of those. The gifts that are listed here can be considered offices and gifts.

The gift of an…

* Apostle.

The 12 held the office of Apostle; but the gift of the Apostle is not given until Jesus returned to Heaven. An Apostle is someone sent like an ambassador; these are men and women appointed by Jesus to plant churches and preach the gospel and teach the Word.

Many theologians believe that in order to be an Apostle, you must have been an eyewitness of Jesus’ earthly ministry and His resurrection. When we speak of the office of the 12 Apostles or the fact that Paul was an Apostle to the Gentiles and there will not be any others to fulfill this office, I agree; but I also believe that the Holy Spirit of God gives the gift of an Apostle. Many would say that people who are Church planters and people who are Missionaries have the gift of an Apostle.

The gift of a…

* Prophet.

Again, this was an office. The office of a Prophet is primarily found in the Old Testament. A Prophet is a person who is a spokesman or mouthpiece of God. Prophets received direct revelation from God and passed this information on to the Church. To think of New Testament Prophets in the same way as Old Testament Prophets is probably a mistake. A prophet can speak to an individual, group, or the Church. A person with the gift of prophecy should be focused on telling the truth, not foretelling the future. This can be summarized as someone who preaches the truth of the Word and lives it.

The gift of an…

* Evangelist.

Again, this could be considered an office. Billy Graham has been labeled as a great Evangelist. The gift of an Evangelist is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a plain, relevant, and easy way to understand. Evangelists are willing to go out into the unbelieving world and preach the message of hope and salvation.

The gift of a…

* Pastor-Teacher.

In the Greek language, many believe that this is talking about 1 gift. Both can be considered offices; but they are also gifts. The word Pastor means Shepherd. The Pastor is the Under Shepherd of the congregation. In order to be a Pastor, the person must also be a Teacher. There are people who are Bible Teachers that are not Pastors; but there is not anyone who is a Pastor that is not a Teacher also.

Ephesians 4:12a

We are strengthened through…

2. Discipleship.

The entire purpose for these spiritual gifts is to strengthen the Body of Christ through the use of our spiritual gifts. Your spiritual gifts are not for the purpose of creating a job for yourself; but for strengthening the Body of Christ.

Ephesians 4:12b-16

We are strengthened through…

3. Fellowship.

This passage shows us why we are equipped with spiritual gifts. It is so that the Body of Christ is built up until we “reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God”. It is also so that we become mature.

We are supposed to be maturing and growing up in the Lord. We shouldn’t be falling for everything that we hear. As we grow in Christ, we should be able to discern between the truth and lies. We also should be speaking the truth of God to people in love. It is through Christ that Christians are joined together to make the Body of Christ. When we use our spiritual gifts in ways that God has intended, we can avoid some dangers.

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