Summary: Jesus’ divinity and humanity are unquestionable and inseparable. But did He do His miracles by nature of being God or man? What are the implications of this? In His divinity He is unequalled- but in His humanity He is a model, prototype for us.

Heaven & Earth 4: Jesus- God, man & model (Jesus’ miracles- performed as man or God?) Phil 2:5-11

Recap of previous 3 sermons in series

1 Divine

1.1 Jesus fully divine. God in the flesh

1.1.1 Jn 8:58, 20:58 (thomas), Jn 1 paralleling Gen 1

1.1.2 Jn 14:9 ’he who has seen me’

1.1.3 Jn 10:30 ’I and the Father are one’

1.1.4 Titus (book!) + 2:13, 2 pet 3;1 ’God & Saviour’

1.1.5 Col 1:15 ’image of the invisible God’

1.2 But did He do his miracles by nature of being God?

1.2.1 out of divinity?

1.2.2 certainly many SHOW Him to be God (signs)

1.2.3 might think so. Mk 5:30 ’realised power had gone out from Him’. Lk 8:45 ’power was coming out from Him and healing them all’

1.3 Traditonal + orthodox + pentecostal theology is He didn’t

1.3.1 He did them by nature of being the perfect, obedient, holy, ’following’ man

1.3.2 He did them through the HS

2 Human/man

2.1 Jesus was.. is.. fully divine. But also fully human

2.1.1 very NATURE God (v6)

2.1.2 very NATURE of a servant (v7)

2.1.3 same word for both (form, mophe)

2.1.4 Unbelievers need to understand His divinity, Christians His humanity

2.2 How do you compact all that divinity into humanity?

2.2.1 some heretics, ’doceitists’- wasn’t truly man. Only ’seemed’ to be

2.2.2 so, didn’t really suffer

2.3 It’s here in this passage

2.3.1 v7 ’emptied himself’ (NIV ’made Himself nothing’)

2.3.2 v6 didn’t hold on to.. grasp.. His rights, power

2.3.3 (omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience)

2.3.4 ’laid aside majesty’. EKENOSEN. Hence Kenotic theory

2.3.5 while still being fully God, yet fully man

2.4 supported by scripture

2.4.1 x omnipresent Jn 16:7 better I go- then sent HS!

2.4.2 x omniscient

DID have WOK

didn’t know everything

’no one knows’ Mt 24:36

Jn 18:34 ’is that your own idea or did others talk to you?’ ’Who touched me?’ Lk 8:45

2.4.3 x omnipotent

could do no miracles because of lack of faith Mk 6:5

Son can do nothing by Himself Jn 5:19

So was limited, or did limit Himself

2.5 no- He truly became like US. Limited Himself

2.5.1 no escape- calling on angels

2.5.2 no trump card, unfair advantages

2.5.3 = a second Adam

2.6 He functioned by

2.6.1 following the Father. Letting HS do His work. Obedience

2.6.2 ’only do what I see the Father doing’ Jn 5:19

2.6.3 Son does nothing by self!

2.6.4 the power of the Lord present (Lk)= HS

3 Prototype/ model

3.1 so what!? He’s still God and man!


3.3 so a lot! He didn’t use His PARTICULAR divinity to His advantage

3.3.1 he functioned as anyone who is...

3.3.2 ’handed over’, set apart

3.3.3 sensitive, obedient, holy

3.3.4 ... can function

3.3.5 He felt ’power go out from Him’ - as we feel it after God’s used us


3.4 As such with regard to being a model for us- He isn’t

3.4.1 ‘particular’, different, peculiar

3.4.2 He’s a prototype for us to follow

3.4.3 "anyone who has faith in me.. in fact will do greater things

3.4.4 because I go to Father> HS poured out on all

3.5 shows us where the blocks are!!

3.5.1 me! Obedience. Sensitivity

3.6 but shows me what God CAN achieve through

3.6.1 people! us!

3.6.2 lives handed over to Him

3.7 shows God’s call... plan... to have an army of Jesus’... Christians... doing His work

3.8 If they did- it wouldn’t be long before the earth was filled with the knowledge of God as...

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