Summary: Many Christians live unhappy, fruitless, worried and negative lives. But God’s plan is exactly opposite, He wants His children not just to achieve victory, but LIVE in it! Scripture provides 3 keys to winning in life.

Part 3

“Pleading the Blood”

Is it possible as Christians in this day and age to actually live in Victory? I’m not talking about an occasional visit but to reside there moment by moment. The answer my dear friend is yes…emphatically yes! But only if we learn how to speak the word, claim the name and plead the blood.

Whether we recognize it or not, there are unseen evil forces around us at all times. These evil forces, though unseen, are certainly not unreal! The devil is alive and well on planet earth. And whether you're a strong or a weak Christian or perhaps even not a believer at all, he wants you. The world is constantly trying to beat us down as believers. The flesh is trying to get us to yield. And it is the stated and very evident goal of the devil to steal, kill and destroy every last thread of happiness and security you and I enjoy. But God’s way is absolutely the opposite. God desires that we discover a positive life…a contented life and a happy life! In order to do this we must have a workable strategy. There are three very important principles found in the Word of God for over 40 years in my own personal life that I have used to gain victory. Have I always lived in victory? No…but, whenever I applied these insights they work! Let’s review and then we will push forward with our final point:

1. Speak the Word

When you speak the word you take authority. There is no condition we face where we cannot exercise the power of God. You “speak the word” when you take your Bible and actually speak out loud a promise that has application. We are told by Paul that, “…Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God,” Romans 10:17 Therefore I've got to speak it. There are at least three audiences when we speak the Word – there is of course the Lord, He loves it when His Word is spoken back to Him. Then there is the devil and all of his unseen imps and then there's myself.

2. Claim the Name

This is intentionally affirming where we stand. We as weak humans, are often confused about which direction to go in life. And the devil is sure to make us even more confused, but God has not, “…given us a spirit of fear but of love, power and of a sound mind.” 2 Tim. 1:7 If we don’t have a stable mind we’re sure to be easy pickings for the devil. We need to learn how to pledge our loyalty to God. If we don’t proclaim our intentions openly we will a sitting duck for every evil work. In this world of “tolerance” talking God calls us to make a declaration. We don’t have to be unkind about it but we certainly have to be adamant about it.

And now let’s find out how to take the third and final step:

3. Plead the Blood

This is a confident satisfaction. I tell you, and you know this to be true, the devil is constantly shaking us down. He is trying to shake us from our moorings in Christ Jesus. He's trying to get us to just cast off everything we know about our faith and be at drift out there in the world. If we’re going to exercise power over the condemnation of the devil we’ve got to rest in the wonderful satisfaction that the blood of Jesus has washed us from every sin. When you plead the blood you are announcing to the devil, and even to us, that the blood of Jesus can cover any sin.

God tells us to rest in the power of the blood and He will rid us of the condemnation of the devil. It is a terrible thing to feel condemnation. I'm not talking about conviction, that’s a wonderful thing to feel. For example: feeling convicted during a bible sermon is not especially fun, but it's wonderful. You ought to thank God if you still feel touched. It’s not a good place to be when we become so calloused that we can just live our lives without ever being convicted. But condemnation is when the devil is beating you up and telling you that you are not forgiven or maybe that you’re not even saved.

Condemnation is terrible as it robs you of your joy and happiness. The answer is the blood of Jesus! Why does God talk about the blood so much in the bible? From the very first chapters of Genesis all the way to the last chapter of Revelation God refers to the blood. Why do believers sing songs about the blood? Why do Christians get excited about the blood? What does it mean to confidently rest in the blood of Jesus?

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