Summary: Psalm 18:17 "He delivered me from my strong enemy and from those who hate me and abhorred me for they were too strong for me" and because he came to himself he wanted restoration. There were forces he knew he had to be delivered from.


1. Couple barren 8years joined church, God intervened got triplets.

2. Man moved to his own house after 18years of been a tenant, controlled land lord, wife became figuratively mother of area. Told them they are leaving that house. When will not leave, got quit notice. Surprised him, has paid for a property in Manchester City UK. His debtors began to pay up.

3. A brother had kidney problems. Had to be sent to America. After series of tests, I prayed with him over the phone, the next day kidney problem disappeared. etc.


1. Any power making me a shadow of myself receive disgrace this morning

2. Any power preparing for me as I am preparing for greater things receive fire


Bible Says He Was Not Himself.

What could make a person not himself. When you are not yourself you will do what you will not ordinarily do.

:- look normal on the outside, crisis on the inside

:- look angelic but be an antichrist

:- look hale and healthy outside, sick inside

:- look happy outside but sad on the inside

A lady came, physically looking normal about a couple of weeks ago. Came to share a couple of testimony, but an hour into our talk sensed something wrong. By two hours I suspected she was not herself

It Could Be The Result Of One Or A Combination Of Things

-: Problems from your fathers or mothers house. In the case of this sister it was from her mothers house.

-: Past abuse maybe physical and maybe even from drugs and drugs abuse.

-: Spiritual wickedness, when you offend those you should not offend or a strong man.

-: Judgement from above.

-: Lawful captive or captive of the mighty. Isaiah 49:24-25

In this particular story, Several things here reflecting the state of his mind and head at times this may be somebody's story here this morning


He Was Not Himself When He.

- : Was lavishing money.

-: Requested his portion from his father.

-: Joined himself to harlots.

-: He lived with harlots.

-: Was not himself when he drifted far from his family.

-: Eatings swine food.

-: Was not himself..,,,,,,,,,,, etc.

Glory Be To God He Came TonHimself.

Psalm 18:17 "He delivered me from my strong enemy and from those who hate me and abhorred me for they were too strong for me" and because he came to himself he wanted restoration. There were forces he knew he had to be delivered from.

It was these forces that forced him to request his portion etc. A demonic force is a demonic compulsion to do what you will not really love to do. This force forced him to eat swine food. During this time, if asked how things are he was saying all is well, but one day he recovered his sences and knew this is not normal.

But he came to himself. When you ask someone, what is the problem, they say no problem. But there are problems, plenty of them. You know all is not well.

For this man it is not ordinary. The situation

-: That says marry but no children is not normal.

-: That says no partner at 45 yrs is not normal.

-: For 28 yrs old to be bedwetting

-: You labour before u eat. Did not see work.

-: It is not ordinary when luck is never on your side.

-: When what is simple for others is always difficult for you.

- : When all you think about is how to overshadow your neighbours.

-: When you always wish evil for your fellow men.

-: When your heart is filled with evil thoughts to others.

-: When a spirit drives you to be uncontrollable both to superiors and higher authority.

-: When you join secret societies to molest others, or secret bodies

Today Someone Here Will Come To Himself / Herself

1. The bible says he realized he had sinned. Why this, Sin is a reproach and was behind all his problem. Several things about your sins,

-: Do not think u are righteous before God.

-: Look at your lineage and blood covenants that gave birth to you. If your family are slave traders you are likely to be in bondage

Make up your mind today,

When he came to himself, said I will arise go to my father and begged for forgiveness.

If you are not willing no anointing can deliver you. If you are willing you will eat the good of the land. But you must be willing. The power of God is here to do that which He can do.

What ever the enemy has swallowed they will vomit them today.

When he came to himself did that which he can do, no more. He restituted. You do your own bit, God will do His own.

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