Summary: When you declare war on your sin and unbelief that will be the time when you will see powerful revelation from the Lord.

May 25th, 2008 River of Life Ministries Pastor Michael West

Series: His Majesty, His Name Part 7—

Jehovah Tsebaioth; Lord of Hosts

Sermon: Victory is a shout away

Scripture: Habakkuk 3:17

“Yet, I will rejoice in the Lord!”

Let me ask you something; "What can the Devil do to a Christian like that?"

In the forefeet of pigs is a very small hole, which may be seen when the hair has been carefully removed. The tradition is that the legion of devils entered by these apertures.

There are also around it some six rings, the whole together not larger than a small spangle. They look as if they are burnt or branded into the skin, and the tradition is that they are the marks of the devil’s claws when he entered the swine.

When Mussolini was strutting in force across much of the Mediterranean world, he was asked to explain his swift rise to power. He answered, "I found Europe full of empty throne rooms, and simply walked in and took one of them

The wolf, when attacked, will first note the earnestness with which the enemy presses the attack, and, if he shows great determination, he scampers away. But if he detects the least fear in his pursuer’s movements, he will defend himself with great bravery.

When you declare war on your sin and unbelief that will be the time when you will see powerful revelation from the Lord.

The Israelites finally stopped grumbling and decided to go into the Promised Land, no matter what it cost them. They were willing to do battle with anything that stood between them and the fullness of God’s covenant promises. In the midst of them was a real believer and his name was Joshua.

With all determination from deep within his heart and very soul, with all his mind and strength, Joshua determined to go the distance. He had been born in a generation that compromised, was full of bitterness, hatred and rebellion, yet he mustard up and stood out from among all his peers and set a standard of his own.

By his very life you could see that He refused to be like the compromising crowd. He had an unquenchable thirst and hunger for the Lord of Host. In his heart he hungered for more of God and wasn’t going to let anything or anyone, stand in his way. There was a lot for him to learn, but he was willing. But determination brought him to set his heart on God’s promises.

Joshua was going to obey God, resist the temptations, be willing to sacrifice and surrender all of himself, just to have his heart’s yearning desire to know God more. He would do anything necessary to bring down all the strongholds that stood between him and the total victory God said he could have. Look what God had to say about it:

Joshua 5:13-15

That’s revelation. To Joshua, God showed Himself as the Jehovah Tsebaoith—The Lord of Hosts. God showed Joshua that He carries a mighty sword and commands the greatest army in the heavens and every one of God’s mighty warriors were standing by to take up the fight for Israel.

This should speak volumes to us. In these last days, there is a real remnant of Christians who for the love of Jesus, are determined to go all the way with the Lord. There heart and soul’s cry out to walk in holiness, readiness to do the Father’s will, to do the things worthy of the Name above all Names—Jesus.

There are those who desire to be free of every false, deceitful, sinful, thing, every stronghold of iniquity, every thing that tries to rise above that powerful Name—Jesus. To be free from domination by the ideas and ways of hell’s evils.

There is a people out in this world today that will refuse to let their lives be dragged away from the determination to follow through with commitment, purpose and the things that God has placed in their hearts. These people want the Victory! They cry out for Victory.

One generation living under the curse died in the wilderness. But this new generation learned from that and was determined to not make the same mistake twice.

God reveals Himself as the Lord of Hosts only to those who set their hearts and minds to walk before Him in purity. He doesn’t not do this for those who just want their sins forgiven and to make to heaven someday. Let’s face it, the Bible is clear, the lukewarm, half-baked, world loving, spew-potato believer will never know the

Jehovah Tseboaith.

That means they will never know the victory made possible for them either.

Let me ask, Why would God in His right mind ever send His mighty angels to help believers who are not even willing to take up the fight?

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