Summary: The former trials prepare you to face the latter, larger ones!


Genesis 22:1”Now it came to pass after these things that God tested Abraham, and said to him, "Abraham!" And he said, "Here I am."

Observe the words, ‘it came to pass after these things!’ After a series of challenges and major problems, just when Abraham thought he could relax, came the severe jolt to offer his son Isaac. God did not send that trial to break Abraham but to bring him more closer to Him. Are you listening to me?

The former trials prepare you to face the latter, larger ones! Just when we think we can take a siesta near the beach, we get a serious bad report of our health or there is death in the family, or loss in business or a serious misunderstanding in relationships, loss of job; whatever, don’t buckle down, stand up to face the trial. Are you there? The previous battles won help you to face more fierce ones! I have come to pick you from the miry clay and make you stand on the Rock – His name is Jesus! Shout Hallelujah!

After a wonderful time at church, with heart-felt content of preaching a strong and anointing sermon, I came back home and little did I know there was ‘storm’ prepared for me in the afternoon. I developed a serious health problem and I had to be rushed to the hospital – remember it was Sunday. My entire family were packed and cuddled inside the car, filled with angst, worry and fear, we went hunting for a good hospital. Wherever we went, the concerned doctor was not there – if you have never been in such a situation, you would never understand how it feels. It was getting dark and I tried to look calm and composed so that my children don’t panic, but inside I was pleading to the Lord that nothing catastrophic happens to my health and to take care of me in the night. We went back home so that I could go to the right hospital the next morning – you can imagine how I would have passed through that night. The Lord who promised, “Even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, fear no evil; For I am with you’ sustained me. From the following morning, the next ten days were running around clinics and hospitals for various tests and the final verdict came: ‘you need an operation immediately, your uterus is in a bad shape!’ It was no good news! I tried pretending that I did not hear the word ‘operation’ but I had to face the facts! I submitted for the operation! My quick and speedy recovery stunned all! My hospital room turned into a mini-church with people walking in and out for prayers, with me and my mom singing and praying loudly. God did not forsake me, but strengthened me to face the trials with more zeal this time and come out of it triumphantly! He is our Rock!

Fear not! Despite walking in His ways, praying and fasting, at times life would seem to be dark and frightful; it is now that you got to muster up all the courage that you have and trust Him to bring you out. I am speaking to someone out there right now! May be your going through a serious bad patch in your marriage, may be your finances are plummeting drastically, may be you are outright ignored at your job, may be your future looks dark and misty – whatever, don’t give up, continue to have a close relationship with God through prayer and fasting, without which you would go bonkers.

Psalm 57:1”For my soul trusts in You; And in the shadow of Your wings I will make my refuge, Until these calamities have passed by.”

The greater the battle, the greater the victory! Press on! You can do it! You are a conqueror through Jesus! Don’t give up! You are special in His eyes! Cheers!

God bless you!

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