Summary: The world is full of troubles and so much turmoil, but there is a place of peace in Christ. Once you've step into this place of peace, nothing else matters again in this World. This is a new series "PERFECT PEACE"

Tonight as I study God's word, the Spirit began to guide me thru the scriptures on this subject "Perfect Peace". There are so many kinds of peace but what God gives is "PERFECT PEACE". Lets take a look at our text scripture:

"“You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.” (Isaiah 26:3).

God doesn't speak with his tongue in his cheek, whatever he says, he means it. He is not a joker with a little puzzle for us to solve. No! God speaks to us in clear terms. We will have no excuse to say that "OH! I thought He said unstable peace" No! His words declares clearly "You will keep Him in Perfect Peace..." (Isaiah 26:3). I have peace in my heart, so much peace, i could careless what the enemy is doing in this world. Oh! Halleluyah, the devil is a defeated foe, we no longer worry about his tricks, we have chosen to keep our minds stayed on Christ and not on the enemy.

Trust and Peace goes hand in hand, it can be said "You can't be at peace with someone that you can't trust." Every time they show up, some kind of unrest starts crawling up your mind. Lets take a closer look at our text again.

"“You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.” (Isaiah 26:3).

Notice: There are three profound phrases in this statement. First, THE OUTCOME ("You will keep him in perfect peace,...), then THE ACTION (whose mind is stayed on You), finally THE REASON (because he trusts in You.”)

Notice how God talks, He first shows THE OUTCOME then he requires THE ACTION from you and finally gives you THE REASON which is the answer to WHY. We have many believers coming up with so many questions, Why this? Why that? Why !!!. Everything in their life seems to fall on the question WHY? The path to a life full of peace does not rely on the question WHY but on THE REASON. Oh Halleluyah! I hope am not sounding too high for you to understand. My heart is heavy and full of passion for the body of Christ. We should never live again one more second void of peace in our daily life.

It's almost as though i could hear some questions from your heart saying "But What is he talking about? Is he talking about THE REASON why we have these problems, should we be comforted by the reasons, as though God is working out something good for us thru the turmoils. No!!! A thousand times No. That's not what am talking about.

God doesn't need a storm to show his disciples that Jesus could walk on the waters. He doesn't need a plague to show Moses how healing comes from Him. He doesn't need the red sea to prove that He is the Almighty. God doesn't need a thing in the world to prove himself. If he does anything it's not for his authenticity but for ours. We are the ones that need to know who we are in Him. What we have become in Him. Everything God did was for us. Oh Halleluyah ! What a gracious Father we've gotten in Christ. He is all out for us.

Sometimes i stayed up all night just worshiping Him. I can't find myself staying up all night praying against a devil that's already a defeated foe. That will be a life of no peace, trying to ward off an enemy that's destined to fail, regardless of whatever means he chose to launch his attacks.

The devil and all his ally are a defeated foe. Brother! You ought to be dancing and celebrating life and not busy fighting someone that's scared of you. Oh Halleluyah! We have come into the fullness of the understanding that "Greater is he that's in us than he that's in the world" (1 John 4:4). Oh Halleluyah! I can barely keep writing. My Loving Jesus, Oh What a wonderful Holy Ghost at work in me. Life for the believer should be less of worry about an enemy and more of celebrating about our victory in Christ.

I've got peace in my heart because i know beyond a shadow of a doubt that victory is already mine. Imagine playing a game that's already been stated to favor you regardless of how the opponents played against you. You can literally take a nap and still rank a million scores into victory. That's what Jesus was teaching us , while the disciples were busy getting anxious of the storm and afraid of their boat sinking, Jesus was sleeping in the Storm. Oh Halleluyah! That's what PERFECT PEACE look like. Sleeping in the Storms. Oh HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhA! Hey! i want you to start laughing in the Spirit. Keep the devil where he belong. He's got no place in your mind. Cos I do that a lot. Laughing in the Spirit. It rises like the waters from the bowels of my Spirit, this laughter breaks forth and all of hell runs into panic mode.

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