Summary: to encourage people to do more for God.

Manuscript: More Acts 12:11

You can Believe God for More then what you are living.

God help us not become institutionalized. When people first go to prison, they hate it. The longer they stay the more they learn to tolerate it. When they stay to long they embrace the hardship of prison. They have become institutionalized. If they are delivered from their prison they would be horrified, terrified at the thought of freedom and do anything to return.

It is not hard to be institutionalized all you have to do is give up wanting to be free. You tell yourself these food’s are not that bad. Next thing you know you have a habit that is messing up your life and health and you know longer expect anything more or better then the prison or habit you have. God wants to free you but you have to come to God wanting and expecting God to help you live more.

Let talk about how you come to God expecting more. I believe our answers are in the scripture. Let me shine a light on some of the keys to raising your expectations found in this scripture.

The scripture set out by telling us about the death of James. The Jews were so pleased with James arrest the Herod went further and arrested Peter so he could kill him. Peter’s death was expected even in the midst of the church praying for him. Church was praying, Peter was sleeping in his cell chained to a wall when an angel showed up and led him out of prison. When he got out the angle left him.

Step one for coming to God wanting more is trust God to bring you out. When you trust God you never give up on more of life. The devil can’t institutionalize you when you realize you are outside your prison. That the power of coming to worship God. You step out of yourself and see the world from God’s perspective. When you look from God point of view there is no limitation. You can do all things with God. No weapon formed. You are a conquer. When you really praise God you lose consciousness of people and focus on God. God becomes glorified and your prison walls come down.

You are ready for God to send your angle and lead you out of your prison. We mount up on the wings of eagles. We have hope of more. Peter was sitting in his prison locked up. No way could he over power the guards that were keeping him. He was not strong enough to break the chains that held him to the wall but God. Your chains can’t hold you without God’s permission.

Every time I lift my hands in praise I am rejoicing for a brand new mercy I see. That the power of a forgiving God he let us start over so we can stay out of the prisons of our habits that become addition. You have to see you are not in that prison because God put you in a place where you want more.

Trust God to help you be happy. Trust God.

Step 2. Try God at his word. Talk to yourself about the word of God. talk yourself through it. Peter said to himself. Now I know, Now I certain that an angle led me out. Baby look for God’s angles to lead you out you may not see them till you need to follow him but he is on time. God will send an angle to get you out of prison.

Does not matter how strong the things that are holding you are. They can’t hold you when God pulls you out. Get a word in your heart and hold on.

Keep talking about God’s deliverance. What God is doing in your life. God work me up and started me on my way. God delivered me out of all my troubles.

Peter said now I know God delivered me. They thought I was trough but take another look. God is not through with me yet. They expected me to be dead now but God has not given up on me yet. I can see God.

Step 3. Today. Face your fears today. When you get out of prison don’t go back. Fear will make you tolerate less then your best. Don’t be afraid to live out of poverty, out of abuse, out of bad health and poor food choices don’t be scared of what your haters will say. Face your fears. Courage is not the absents of fear it the doing in spite of fear. God I never lived like this. I never had nothing guid me in my freedom that I can be free of this prison.

That why we praise God like we losted our minds because we have. we did just loose them but we have exchanged them for the mind of Christ. Not going to live me way that keeps me locked in one prison after another. I am living Gods’ way. Where time I admit my sins and fears God forgives me and sends an angle to lead me out.

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