Summary: A sermon that will encourage faith in God's provision.

Title: “Living On The Mountain Of The Lord”

Text: Genesis 22:14

Passage: Genesis 22:1-19

Introduction: Definition of ‘Mountain of the Lord’ – It’s the place where we live with the conviction that “The Lord will provide (see to it ), whatever ‘it’ means to you – you have the faith that God will see to it – Jehovah Jireh – Jehovah sees to it.

Abraham got to that place and he lived there. How many of us would like to know how to get to the ‘MOUNTAIN OF THE LORD’ and to then live there? We would like to learn from this part of Abraham’s life (1) How to get to the Lord’s mountain and (2) what happens on that mountain?

How To Get To The Mountain Of The Lord.

1. Like Abraham we have to obey God (v16)

God told him to go to the land of Moriah (Jah sees) to a mountain that He would show Abraham (v2). This was not the first time God had this kind of conversation with Abraham (see Genesis 12:1), interesting this time land was named, but mountain was not, God would show him as he obeyed.

Definition of Obey: Word ‘obeyed’ in verse 16 is translated from the Hebrew word ‘Shama’ (Shaw –maw) which means to hear intelligently (implying attention), means to hear carefully, certainly, to hear deligently, discern, give ear, to hear indeed.

Application: To get to the mountain of the Lord, we must listen carefully to the Lord, attentively, deligently and then do what He tells us to do. Before you make a decision, go and enquire of the Lord and listen intelligently and then follow His guidance. He will tell you what to say, what to do, where to go and how to do what you have to do. Remember to obey is better than sacrifice – let us not just hear but do. To get to the mountain of the Lord we must also;

2. Like Abraham we have to separate ourselves (v5)

Abraham knew his servants could only go so far with him – he knew that they would not understand when he would offer Isaac to God – he knew that they would most probably try to stop him and talk him out of it.

Application: To get to the Lord’s mountain will at times demand that we separate ourselves from all distractions and detractors. There are places in life that you can only go to alone – some things that we should do alone. To get to the Lord’s mountain we must obey Him and separate ourselves unto Him. Then;

3. Like Abraham we must also declare our faith instead of our fears (vs 7-8)

When Isaac asked the question “Where is the lamb?” –He boldly declared, “God will provide a lamb, my son.”

Application: When you are asked the question “Where will the money come from for your rent, childrens school fees, university fees, food, clothing or whatever else – then boldly declare your faith and say “THE LORD WILL SEE TO IT! Because on the mountain of the Lord it will be provided (V14).

Then the final step;

4. Like Abraham we must give God our best (vs 9-10).

Abraham when he arrived at the place (Mountain of the Lord) where God told him to go…”

He built an altar, placed the wood on it, tied Isaac up and laid him on the altar over the wood.

God commended him for it – God knew the cost of Abraham’s devotion (worship) vs 12.

Application: To get to the Lord’s mountain we must give God our best in all areas of our lives.

Conclusion: In closing I would like to briefly look at what happens on the mountain of the Lord.

a) Needs are provided for (v13) Just like Abraham declared to Isaac – God will provide a lamb – more than that God provided a ram – caught in the bush – Abraham did not have to look for it, chase it down, no it was there, right there.

b) Blessings are bestowed (vs 16-18) God said to Abraham, because you obeyed me and did not withheld you son;

i) I will richly bless you

ii) I will multiply you seed – multiply means enlarge in every respect, excel, make great – seed is your fruit, plant, sowing time, prosterity.

What a place to get to, what a place to live at – get there and stay there then you and I can constantly and confidently declare “THE LORD WILL SEE TO IT!”

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