Summary: God has a yardstick to determine who loves Him and who does not! Mere religion cannot capture the Messiah’s heart! Beware!

I will show the difference!

Malachi 3:18”Then you shall again discern Between the righteous and the wicked, Between one who serves God And one who does not serve Him.”

God has a yardstick to determine who loves Him and who does not! Mere religion cannot capture the Messiah’s heart! Beware!

Olympic trophies don’t come without sweat, pain, hard work, sacrifice, commitment and determination. Are you listening? When Jamaican superstar and Olympic champion Usian Bolt lost to Gatlin in Rome recently, he said,’ I have to do more strength work, I guess. I think it needs just some time to get it all back together.’ Oh yes, the difference will be seen between hard work and shoddy work!

If you have been walking in late to work persistently, browsing the internet during office hours, incessantly making personal calls from the office phone and cheating your boss at work with your sloppy work , you would be exposed one day! If you have been cheating your company with false expense claims, if you have been embezzling office funds and having a ball, you would be exposed one day! God would bring a difference between those who are loyal and disloyal!

There are worship leaders who daringly usurp the platform and lead the church in worship without proper Bible reading and prayer. Empty drum beats and noise does not move God! The anointing would reveal the lackadaisical attitude towards God’s work! God would certainly show the difference between people who do sincere ministry work and those who are careless! Youth leaders, wake up! .

When you see the unrighteous people fly sky-high, swim in riches and globe-trot, it sure pains to suffer lack, having one hundred percent followed God in all ways. Wait patiently! Look around! If you have been sighing deep with envy over the opulent life style of certain sect of people, now you would know from where the money came! If you have been reading the news everyday, you would know what I am talking about. Betting! Spot fixing of IPL matches! Everybody is looking for easy, instant and huge money – who wants to slog it out and wait; nevertheless, God would show the difference between those who are honest and dishonest!

There are huge chunks of people who get a job through bribe, cheating the company with false information and through lots of other ways of manipulation; nevertheless, God would take notice of the genuine ones who are waiting for His grace and time and would bless them profusely. Who said blessing would be only in the form of ‘money and luxury’, it can be in various other forms: you would get a wife who would call your mom not aunty but mummy, your kids would passionately love God and the Bible, your husband would not only take care of you but also your mom, your home would become a prayer house and lots more…

Recently I got to visit a wealthy, businessman’s house during a meeting in a particular town, besides his business, this gentleman purchases huge quantities of Bibles and distributes them freely in hospitals, schools, colleges and various other public places. While I was having a chat with his son, he witnessed God’s wonderful Hands on his life, immediately after college he had got an officer-cadre job in a bank and also subsequent promotions and recognition for his work. Passion to serve God has also rubbed off on him from his father, who is also into youth ministry serving the Lord passionately in his town. God would show the difference!

I recently met a Christian who is running a school for the underprivileged kids and also running a church in his school who said, that he had to compromise and submit fake lease documents of the premises, prepared specially to obtain permit - he was doing ministry the worldly way. He looked prosperous, successful and triumphant for the moment, let me tell you the flip side of his life, he has two sons, one got drowned in the well and died at the age of 15 and he has just one son left - when we visited his home, he avoided us as much as possible and vanished. God would show the difference between those who are honest and dishonest!

If you are passionately in love with Jesus (I’m not talking about empty religion and church membership), I am talking about a thriving, heart-to-heart close relationship with God – then, He would show the difference between those who love Him and not. Wait!

Psalm 91:14”Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him on high, because he has known My name.”

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