Summary: God wants you to understand His purpose for woman from the beginning. He has so many things for you to bless your life. Learn to walk as a Godly woman from this sermon.

1. Understand why God created women.

a. Helpmeet

b. Fulfill His plan and purposes in the earth

Genesis 2:7

Genesis 2:18

Genesis 2:22

Genesis 5:2

Adam had charge of the Garden and he loved God, but God has no peer. Therefore, Adam was “alone”, because he had no peer. For love to exist, there must been object to love. God created woman to be Adam’s peer, the object of his love. She was created as a helpmeet or completer. By creation, she was made to be the completion of the man in God. (We should the object of love to men…not anything else it’s not the purpose of woman).

When God invested Himself in Adam in creation, He breathed into Adam and Adam became a living soul. He put the Kingdom of God in Adam, and Adam in the kingdom of God when he placed him in Eden. The characteristics of Adam emanated from the character of God which were inbreathed into him in creation. Adam had the nature of God implanted in him – both the masculine and feminine, tender and tough, disciplinarian and nurturer.

When God created woman, He took a rib from Adam to make her. The rib was symbolic of something taken from Adam and placed in Eve. If God would have created woman from anything else, she would have been inferior to Adam. But God never created any woman to be inferior to any man! Woman was made from man in the beginning, but ever since then, man has come from woman. With this, God shows the equality of men and women.

Woman – man with a womb; Adam when he saw the female he said, WO-MAN (or ain’t she fine!) – Genesis 2:23

God created you to be a WOMAN. You are anointed (or equipped) to be a WOMAN. Stop trying to be something else!

God wants you to understand today that you are HIS WOMAN. Even though you fell with man (Genesis 3), God already knew it and provided a way of escape (Jesus). God wants you back in fellowship with Him in Eden (new earth and heaven) in the cool of the day where he walked and fellowship with you. He wants you to be a Godly woman!

2. Attributes Of A Godly Woman According To The Word

Proverbs 31:10-31

Attributes Of A Godly Woman:

• The Godly woman has noble character. (10)

• The Godly woman is productive and hardworking. (13-18,24,27)

• Known for her good works. (20)

• Known for her strength and dignity. (25) She has high standards (character and integrity)

• Goodness, kindness and mercy follow her. Her beautiful characteristics are a sweet scent to all who come in contact with her – this makes her appealing and a desired person with whom to have a relationship.

• Wise (26) Seeks wisdom from the Lord and uses it in every area of her life.

Understands the fading nature of beauty (30) Not vainglorious! Have you ever noticed a woman who was not so attractive and wondered how she got such a fine man?

•Fears God (30)

Awesome dread of displeasing our Heavenly Father. Not scare of Him as a ruling Judge.

The woman of God makes time with HIM a priority.

a. Builds herself up in prayer.

b. Obedient to His will.

c. Has compassion for people (20)

d. Stands in the gap for her family (28)

I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me. Ezekiel 22:30

1. Husband

• Private life

• Ministry

• Relationship with other Christian men

• Success at projects

• Witness to others

• Ability to resist temptation

• Physical health and safety

• Family leader.

2. Children

We must stand in unwavering faith, if we want to see our children delivered.

You must say things like this: I won’t let you kill my children. I won’t let you have them. You can’t have them. Thank You Jesus for bringing them back into the Kingdom of God.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Heb. 11:1).

Your faith brings God’s power down from heaven to earth no matter what your need.

Don’t worry about how and when the manifestation is going to come. If you wonder when or try to reason how, you are in doubt.

God’s Obligation:

If you meet God’s condition for one who can stand in the gap, He has an obligation to perform His Word by reaching out and saving your lost loved ones.

God’s Word works. You must let your love flow out to your children and put your faith to work for them. Jesus loves your children.

3. Results of being a Godly woman.

1. Will have good home life (v. 28)

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