Summary: This is the first sermon in my NASCAR-themed "Finish Line" series, focusing upon how Christians must let the whole world know that Jesus Christ is our "sponsor" ... the One we represent in our lives and ministries. (04/10/05)

Who Is Your Sponsor?

Exodus 17:1,8-15

**Message Outline**

Bible Truths

1. This race of life has a finish line. (v.1)

2. This race of life is long, difficult, and dangerous. (vv. 8-11)

3. Sometimes you need some help to run this race of life. (v. 12)

4. Victory is attainable in this race of life. (v. 13)

5. As you run this race of life, one question must always remain in your heart and mind … Does the world know who your “sponsor” is? (vv. 14-15)

LIFE Applications

1. Set your sights on the end goal of life. Don’t just live life day by day, look toward the finish line!

2. Don’t be ashamed to seek help as you run this race called life. We are supposed to be here for one another.

3. Never forget, Jesus has already won this race for you! Live life like a winner!

4. Make sure everyone around you knows who you serve … who your “sponsor” is.

5. Make sure you have the lifestyle to back up the claims that your mouth makes.

**Message Plan and Transcript**

“Igniter” Video

Show appropriate video clip from “Days of Thunder,” with Tom Cruise racing. (MPEG of a 4-minute video is available by contacting )

Opening Illustration

Week 1 Drama

Drama Directions:

Week 1 Drama - “I Wanna Be a Race Car Driver!”

Cast: 1 Man & 1 Woman (Tony and Alecia Dothsuk)

Note: All stage direction is given in italics.

Stage Direction

*Man enters from rear door and moves down aisle toward the center of the floor immediately in front of the stage. He is wearing an absurd costume that looks something like a racing suit. It is made up of work overalls with fake patches, a number on the front and back … all decorated to look something like a racing uniform. To top it all off, he is wearing a football helmet.

*His wife enters from stage left door slightly afterward, moving toward the man. She looks at the him, and has a look of complete disbelief on her face. Dialogue begins…

Drama Script:

Wife: Tony, what in heaven’s name are you wearing?

Man: This is my new racing suit!

Wife: What do you mean, “My new racing suit?” Where do you think you’re going to be racing to today, Cracker Barrel or El Bracero?

Man: No, seriously, this is my new racing suit. I have come to a crossroads in my life (looks at crowd and winks), and I have decided that I need to make a change. I feel that I have missed my calling in life. I should have been a race car driver … so that’s what I am going to do!

Wife: You can’t be a race car driver!

Man: And why not? I have a great suit (strokes and admires his suit) , and I have my protective helmet… (Knocks knuckles on head.)

Wife: (Beginning a tirade…) But racing is dangerous … you’ve never done anything like that before. Those people drive over 200 miles an hour, and there are crashes and wrecks all over the place. You don’t have any training. You can’t be a race car driver! What would the kids and me do if something happened to you?

Man: Nothing’s going to happen to me! If Tom Cruise can do it (jerks his thumb to point at the screen), I know I can.

Wife: But, Tony, where do you think you will get a race car? They don’t just give those away, you know. They cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can’t ever afford to buy us a new mini-van! You would have to have money, endorsements, and sponsors. How do you think you are going to get all of that?

Man: (Looking puzzled and disappointed…) Do you really think there’s than much to racing? It looks a lot easier than that. I thought it was just a bunch of guys driving cars around in a circle. It looks like fun. But I didn’t know it was all of that trouble.

Wife: (Calming down … sharing a voice of reason.) Honey, life is tough enough as it is. Our life is like a race! We are constantly racing off to take kids to school, to meetings, to practice, to games. We race all over town to pay this bill and that bill. It seems like all we ever do is race to stay one step ahead in this life.

Man: I guess you’re right. Our life is a bit of a race, isn’t it? (Removes his helmet and holds it by the facemask.) Maybe I should just focus on doing a good job with our home and family. I guess the NASCAR world can make out OK without me. (Looks very disappointed.)

Wife: It’s time to go get the kids from school now. Why don’t you come with me and we can talk some more on the way? (She smiles takes him by the hand.)

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