Summary: God has called us to faithfulness no matter our circumstances. He will remain with us & reward us.

Southview Baptist Church July 16, 2006

Revelation 2:8-11 Pastor Aaron

The Seven Churches for Today: Smyrna

Faithful, No Matter What

1. The Characteristics of Our Lord Jesus

a. Jesus is almighty!

…how has Jesus been almighty in my life?

b. Jesus is alive!

…is Jesus alive within me?

2. The Comfort of Our Lord Jesus

a. Jesus knows our pressure.

…what pressures to I face?

b. Jesus knows our poverty.

…where is my poverty?

c. Jesus knows their profanity.

…how is profanity spoken of me?

d. Jesus knows our prison.

…what is my prison?

3. The Counsel of Our Lord Jesus

a. Be fearless!

…what do I fear?

b. Be faithful!

…how am I faithful?

4. The Covenant of Our Lord Jesus

The Overcomer’s Reward—Eternal Life!

…am I living as an Overcomer?

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