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Series: Why Did Jesus Come

Denomination: Anglican
Sermons in Series: 8
Audience: Adults
1. Physical & Spiritual Perception
Summary: How’s your eyesight? When you look at Jesus what do you see? A prophet, a teacher, or a miracle worker? If you see more than that, that he’s God’s anointed ruler, then are you taking up your cross every day and following him, submitting to his rule?
2. Mountain Top Glory & The Descent
Summary: It’s not by chance that Jesus takes his inner circle up a mountain to witness a most significant moment in their apprenticeship. There they see a manifestation of the glory of God in Jesus.On returning they're reminded of the reality of life in this world
Scripture: Mark 9:2-29
Denomination: Anglican
Views: 659
3. Jesus Death & Discipleship
Summary: The call to be salty is a call for us to persevere as real disciples, who are inwardly pure. Who’ve held nothing back in following Jesus. It’s a call for us to be real disciples who welcome others and who glory in each other’s success.
Scripture: Mark 9:30-50
Denomination: Anglican
Views: 721
4. The Key To Gaining The Kingdom
Summary: The keys to gaining God's Kingdom? First come to it in trust and dependence like a little child. Second realise that we can't earn it in God's sight. Third be willing to give up everything in order to gain it. Finally be willing to put yourself last
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Scripture: Mark 10:13-31
Denomination: Anglican
Views: 1,540
5. Jerusalem Looms Ahead
Summary: If we try to be great in some other way than by becoming a servant, we'll lose whatever greatness we achieve. Only by becoming a slave of all, will we achieve greatness in God's Kingdom. The result is a life of following Jesus along the road to the cross
6. Jesus Enters Jerusalem
Summary: The crowd failed to understand the nature of Jesus’ Kingship, the significance of his humble entry to Jerusalem. Jesus came as the Christ but he was the Christ, the Messiah, who's the suffering servant.
Scripture: Mark 11:1-25
Denomination: Anglican
Views: 1,119
7. - Debate In The Temple
Summary: The Pharisees try to trap Jesus by questioning his authority, by asking about taxes paid to Caesar, the resurrection and which Law is greatest. Jesus rebuts all their attacks. But the battle isn't over. Satan continues his attacks on us today.
8. Decaf Christmas?
Summary: The reason we decaffeinate Christmas is because we don’t want Jesus intruding on our lives. Don’t want to admit that we need help. Little baby Jesus is OK, but he’d better not get out of the manger.