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Series: Who Is This Man

Denomination: Anglican
Sermons in Series: 9
Audience: Adults
1. Jesus Forgives A Paralysed Man
Summary: We often get carried away by the performance, but is the message being proclaimed clearly. Are we speaking the gospel in every situation we find ourselves in? Are we offering forgiveness and mercy. Are we engaged in the main game or just the side show?
2. New Wine, New Wineskins
Summary: What are we responding to? Is it Jesus as Lord or is it some human religious system? Is our behaviour going to help others discover the good news of Jesus Christ? Will it help us proclaim forgiveness of sins in Jesus’ name?
Scripture: Mark 2:13-3:6
Denomination: Anglican
Views: 474
3. Jesus, Mad, Monster, Or Master?
Summary: How do you respond to Jesus? Like the Pharisees who want everything to be neat and tidy within clearly defined parameters? Like Jesus’ family who are embarrassed by him and doubt him? Or like those who followed him, even at the risk of their lives?
4. The Nature Of The Gospel
Summary: If the gospel is good news why doesn’t everyone respond with joy? Jesus says he tells parables to filter out those who can't understand.
Scripture: Mark 4:1-20
Denomination: Anglican
Views: 470
5. Power Over Sea And Spirits
Summary: When we face some great obstacle or some uncontrollable force in our lives, we have a Lord with us who is greater than all the forces in the created world. We can pray to God with confidence that he’s able to do anything we ask.
6. Faith To Heal
Summary: The key to faith is in Jesus. His presence with the disciples is what matters. His call is to keep trusting, to keep focusing on him rather than on outward circumstances. Don’t be afraid, just believe.
7. Food And Water
Summary: One of the challenges this passage lays upon us is to trust in God to provide for the little things. To pray just as earnestly that God would ‘Give us this day our daily bread.’ And we’re to look out for God working in little ways in our lives.
8. The Secret To Purity
Summary: We need to filter out those things that will affect our thinking and then we need to make sure we test our thoughts and motives against the highest demands of the Kingdom, that is, inner purity and godly love.
9. The Faith Of Foreigners
Summary: The woman was rebuffed by Jesus, yet responded with a deep faith in God's love for all people independent of gender or race. The people of the Decapolis were presented with an overwhelming demonstration of Jesus' Messianic power yet without believing.