Sermon Series
  • 1. A New Foundation

    Contributed on Jul 4, 2021

    Because of Easter we have a new foundation for our lives. That foundation is built by hearing the truth, living the truth and resting in the truth.

    EASTER – A NEW FOUNDATION In May of 1981, a woman named Mae Rose in Winter Park Florida heard her dog barking outside. She thought that maybe it was barking at a squirrel. Turns out the dog was barking at a sinkhole that was opening up in her back yard. It kept opening until it had swallowed up more

  • 2. A New Fellowship

    Contributed on Jul 4, 2021

    Because of Easter we have a new community. Jesus says that the church is important because of it's foundation, it's function, it's fruit and it's future.

    EASTER – A NEW FELLOWSHIP I heard the story of a pastor who was the supply preacher for church in a small town in Texas. He would drive to that town early Sunday morning, preach a sermon to the congregation, and then leave after lunch. Usually he would arrive before the service and go to a local more

  • 3. An New Focus

    Contributed on Jul 4, 2021

    Because of Easter we have a new focus in our lives, something to live for. That focus is shaped by our worldview, witness and works.

    EASTER – A NEW FOCUS When Cynthia Manley realized she had only twenty minutes left to live, she figured the best thing she could do with the time she had left was to send text messages to her two daughters. Her one daughter, Alanna, was a student at Seattle University. She texted, “Stay strong and more

  • 4. A New Future

    Contributed on Jul 4, 2021

    Because of Easter we have a new future. How do we know that the resurrection is true? Because of the external testimony,. the empty tomb, the expensive toll and everlasting transformation.

    EASTER – A NEW FUTURE Does anyone have a cross necklace on right now? Have you ever thought about what the cross really is? Originally the cross was a tool Rome used to execute its criminals. It was not just a form of execution; it was a form of torture and humiliation. The victim usually more