Sermon Series
  • 1. People Of The Covenant

    Contributed on Sep 10, 2014

    In the midst of judgment, The Lord moves to establish a Covenant with Noah, his family, and the animals of the ark. Out of death and destruction there is new life.

    Genesis 6:8-22, 9:8-15 “People of the Covenant” INTRODUCTION One of the best known Bible stories is the story about Noah and the flood. Recently Hollywood made a movie that was loosely based on the story and that featured Russell Crowe. That’s just the latest in a long more

  • 2. Bold Steps

    Contributed on Sep 10, 2014

    Ruth moves boldly to establish a relationship with Boaz. Her boldness is rewarded.

    Ruth 3 1-18 "Bold Steps" INTRODUCTION The world has always been captivated by stores of great love. Stories such as Romeo and Juliet, the star crossed lovers, or their modern day counterparts Tony and Maria in West Side Story. There are the love stories of Hollywood royalty such as more

  • 3. Play Nicely With Others

    Contributed on Jun 30, 2014
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    The Lord gives his people instructions for their lives together. They are given in love with the desire that the people of God live abundant, free, and fruitful lives.

    Exodus 20:12-16 “Play Nicely with Others” INTRODUCTION Twenty five years ago author Robert Fulghum wrote a book entitled, All I Really Need to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten. It was immediately a smashing success. The book contained observations and rules such as: Share more

  • 4. Testing The Spirits

    Contributed on Jul 29, 2014
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    Discernment is a gift. It gives God’s children the ability to distinguish between what God calls us to and what the world entices us toward.

    1 John 4:1-6 "Testing the Spirits" INTRODUCTION We have come a long way in communication since March 10, 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell spoke into a prototype of the telephone and said, "Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you." It is now common to have the television on while more

  • 5. Ordinary Acts

    Contributed on Sep 3, 2014

    Ruth and Boaz are married. Ruth gives birth to Obed, who is the grandfather of David. Ordinary actions are used by God to accomplish God’s purpose.

    Ruth 4:1-22 “Ordinary Actions” INTRODUCTION We are coming to the end of the story. We have walked with Naomi, Ruth and Boaz through normal family life, periods of grief, and times of poverty and struggling to survive. We have seen the loyalty of Ruth, the hopelessness of more

  • 6. Chosen To Soar

    Contributed on Oct 7, 2014

    The Lord chooses Israel to be a Holy Nation. This is not a position of privilege, but one of responsibility.

    Exodus 19:3-7, 20:1-17 “Chosen to Soar” INTRODUCTION They were an unremarkable people descended from a man and wife who have no other distinction than we know their names. The people had no notable culture and no great art work. They were broken and poor. Yet, they were more

  • 7. Bold Steps

    Contributed on Aug 26, 2014

    Ruth moves boldly to establish a relationship with Boaz. Her boldness is rewarded.

    Ruth 3 1-18 "Bold Steps" INTRODUCTION The world has always been captivated by stores of great love. Stories such as Romeo and Juliet, the star crossed lovers, or their modern day counterparts Tony and Maria in West Side Story. There are the love stories of Hollywood royalty such as more

  • 8. Witness To The Truth

    Contributed on Jul 29, 2014

    We do not share speculations. Rather, we are eye witnesses and we share what we have seen and heard of the truth—Jesus.

    1 John 1:1-4 "Witness to the Truth" INTRODUCTION One of the discussions that is taking place in the Christian Church today centers around our understanding of faith. Is faith the propositions that you believe, or is it your motivation for living and your lifestyle? To put it another more

  • 9. The Site Of Hope

    Contributed on Jul 7, 2015
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    God is the source of our hope and the reason for our praise

    Psalm 146:1-10 "The Site of Hope" INTRODUCTION I recently received an email from a former Nigerian royalty, stating that she had decided to give me $22 million. All I needed to do was to deposit $350.00 in a bank account that she identified. This would pay for the bank charges. She more

  • 10. The Look Of Love

    Contributed on Aug 4, 2014

    One of the basic instructions of Jesus is to love one another. Love is the demonstration that we are in Jesus and Jesus is in us.

    1 John 4:7-21 “The Look of Love” INTRODUCTION I read today’s lesson and I was overwhelmed by the number of times that the word “love” appeared. The Beatles song, “All You Need is Love,” popped into my mind and I wondered if this passage of more

  • 11. Demonstration Of Faith

    Contributed on Aug 29, 2013

    We understand how to live by faith today, by seeing examples of how others have lived by faith before us.

    Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16 “Demonstrations of Faith” INTRODUCTION Have you ever had one of those days? You know the type of days that I’m talking about—those days when everything goes wrong, your world falls apart, you throw your hands up in despair, and you simply more

  • 12. Foolish Vows

    Contributed on Aug 26, 2014

    Ruth proclaims her loyalty to her mother-in-law, Naomi. Her words at first appear foolish. She is not doing what is normal. Yet her loyalty honors God and God moves powerfully as a result of Ruth’s proclamation.

    Ruth 1:1-22 “Foolish Vows” INTRODUCTION Coping is an everyday experience and we all have various means of coping. We might call a friend and vent, or go for a long walk. Chocolate is sometimes an effective coping mechanism, as is taking a short break to pursue our favorite more

  • 13. The Blessings Of Kindness

    Contributed on Aug 26, 2014

    Boaz acts kindly toward Ruth and Naomi. His kindness is used by God to accomplish God’s will.

    Ruth 2:1-23 “The Blessing of Kindness” INTRODUCTION Some stories are meant to entertain, while others are told to frighten. Memorable stories seem to be the stories that are not only captivating, but also teach a lesson. While growing up, I enjoyed Aesop’s fables like more

  • 14. Inner Desire

    Contributed on Jul 29, 2014

    Coveting—our envy of another’s possessions and blessings has the potential to destroy our relationship with God and with others. A life of thankfulness and gratitude is commanded instead of coveting.

    Exodus 20:17 “Inner Desires” INTRODUCTION One of the most popular arguments to persuade parents is, “But mom, dad, everyone’s doing it.” How did this work for you when you were young? This is the excuse that we use when confronted by the ninth and tenth more

  • 15. Precious

    Contributed on Jun 17, 2014
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    The Israelites reach Mount Sinai and the Lord declares that they are his treasured possession. We, too, as children of faith are God’s precious possessions.

    Exodus 19:1-6, 20:1-2 “Precious” INTRODUCTION The world is filled with strange, ridiculous and useless laws. For example: • In Missouri it is illegal to drive with an uncaged bear, and in Alaska it is improper to wake a sleeping bear for a photo more

  • 16. When Bad Things Happen To Good People

    Contributed on Oct 7, 2014

    Joseph is unjustly put in prison; yet God is present with him there.

    Genesis 39:1-23 "When Bad Things Happen to Good People" INTRODUCTION We go through life telling ourselves little lies. These lies include: "If I work hard, I can get whatever I want," "If I earn just 20% more, I'll be happy," "Affluence, security and comfort are what life really is all more

  • 17. How To Love God

    Contributed on Jun 24, 2014

    God has moved mightily in our lives. God invites us to respond by placing God first in our lives and loving him with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength. (The first tablet of the Ten Commandments).

    Exodus 20:1-11 “How to Love God” INTRODUCTION Jesus spoke to a group of Jewish converts. His conversation is recorded in the eighth chapter of John’s gospel. In verse thirty-two Jesus says, “The truth will set you free.” Jesus follows this statement up in more