Sermon Series
  • 1. To Know His Power

    Contributed on Oct 4, 2013

    When we start to grasp His power that He uses for us and in us, that should get the heart pumping!

    INTRODUCTION • How many of you woke up with excitement and anticipation concerning the prospect of coming together with your brothers and sisters in Christ to worship? (I AM TAKING NAMES ) • Does the thought of waking up each day knowing you get to serve the Lord excite you? more

  • 2. To Share His Mystery

    Contributed on Oct 25, 2013

    We get the opportunity to reveal a mystery to people, one that was hidden until Jesus opened the door!

    INTRODUCTION • We are so glad you have chosen to worship with us this morning. We are in the middle of a series entitled “Reasons For My Heart To Beat.” • In this series we are examining issues that can help revitalize of faith. • The past reasons we have examined more

  • 3. To Fulfill His Purpose

    Contributed on Nov 1, 2013

    When we find that God will empower and prepare us to fulfill His purpose our life takes on new meaning!

    INTRODUCTION • We welcome everyone this morning, so glad you have come this morning. • If this is your first time with us we are nearing the end of a series entitled, “REASONS FOR MY HEAR TO BEAT.” • The past reasons we have examined are To Praise His Glory, To Know more