Sermon Series
  • 1. The Lord Is My Shepherd

    Contributed on Aug 9, 2022

    The name Jehovah-Rohi. The Lord is my Shepherd has brought comfort to the hurting. It has been used to sooth the troubled souls. The name The Lord is my Shepherd, Jehovah-Rohi goes beyond all others in tenderness and intimacy.

    The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing. (Psalm 23:1) There is such an interesting relationship between the sheep and the shepherd. So much is written about sheep and shepherds in commentary on Psalm 23. I called my brother because after his wife finished a rigorous veterinary school, she went more

  • 2. The Joy Of Forgiveness

    Contributed on Aug 11, 2022

    Psalm 51 is the great Psalm of forgiveness and mercy. There is in this Psalm the tragic reality of sin and the realization of how sin separates us from God. This is the Psalm that David comes face to face with his sin.

    The Joy of Forgiveness Psalm 51 The spark that started the fire of the first great awakening was a sermon delivered by Jonathan Edwards called, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” When the Jonathan Edwards preached this sermon, you could almost not call it preaching. He read a manuscript more

  • 3. How To Worship God

    Contributed on Jun 16, 2022

    Psalm 100 shows how seriously worship was taken in Old Testament times. That in itself is enough to tell us we should take worship seriously today. There is a back and forth rhythm to this Psalm.

    Do you need to learn to do something new? How will you learn? You could read a how to book. You could watch an instructional video on the internet. But if you want to know how to worship God you should spend time in Psalm 100 the divinely inspired how to worship guide. Psalm 100 Shout for joy to more

  • 4. Dependence On God

    Contributed on Jun 18, 2022

    There are contrasting ways to go about any task. There is striving, pushing and fighting verses a dependence on God. There is a human effort that leaves God out verses a quiet trust in Almighty God as provider. And which way you approach your tasks will be the difference of frustration or blessing.

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