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Sermons in Series: 2
Audience: Adults
1. Surprised By Prayer
Summary: Even as I’m concerned about people who misunderstand the purpose of prayer, I’m also concerned about those who do understand, but who seem to pray with no expectation of God honoring prayers or acting on our behalf. (Powerpoint available - #150)
Series: Prayer
based on 9 ratings
Scripture: Acts 12:1-19
Views: 5,218
2. A Call To Prayer
Summary: It seems to me that God is doing 4 things. Now, I'm sure He is doing much more than that. But in regards to the church it seems there are 4 things God is doing that have great impact on the church today. (Powerpoints available - #151)
Series: Prayer
based on 16 ratings
Scripture: Isaiah 56:7
Views: 9,839