Sermon Series
  • 1. Jesus: Wonderful Counselor

    Contributed on Dec 18, 2006
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    Looking at the names of Jesus in Isa. 9:6, we begin by discovering how our Wonderful Counselor relates to us.

    Does anyone know what their name means? Mine means “great”. Chris means follower of Christ. How did you get your name? Were you named after someone special? I must admit that there are some interesting names out there today. For the next four weeks, we’re going to be looking at some very more

  • 2. Mighty God

    Contributed on Feb 5, 2007
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    Part 2 of our Christmas Series based on Isa. 9:6.

    Jesus, Mighty God Isa. 9:6 Have you ever found yourself at the mercy of someone else? •Car broken down, stranded in snow, hospitalized, lost in the woods •It’s not a fun feeling, is it? Illus. – Several people stranded in the recent storm. •Family from San Fran found in OR after 9 days more

  • 3. Everlasting Father

    Contributed on Feb 5, 2007
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    Part 3 of a Christmas Series based on Isa. 9:6.

    Jesus, Everlasting Father Isa. 9:6 How many people have finished their shopping? Did you hear about the guy who went out and bought his wife a beautiful diamond ring for Christmas? His friend said, “I thought she wanted a new SUV?” •“She did,” he replied. "But where am I gonna find a fake more

  • 4. Prince Of Peace

    Contributed on Feb 5, 2007
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    Part 4 of a Series based on Isa. 9:6

    Jesus, Prince of Peace Isa. 9:6 Illus. Typical of last minute Christmas shoppers, a mother was running frantically from store to store. Suddenly she realized her three year old son was no longer holding her hand. In a panic she retraced her steps and found him standing near a frosty window, more