Sermon Series
  • 1. Moved By The Glory Of The Lord

    Contributed on Jan 30, 2022

    Whenever God shows himself to his people by his mighty deeds, or whenever God gives his promises, He expects a response. You cannot come into God’s presence or hear his Word and be unmoved. Do you fear him? Will you listen? Are you moved?

    There’s a great quotation I once came across. It goes like this: “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us” (A.W. Tozer). I love that, because it orients us in the right direction. Our whole life is about being in relationship with God. That’s the most more

  • 2. The Great Glory Of The Church

    Contributed on Feb 6, 2022

    The one great need of the world is for the true preaching of the gospel. And it is through the church that the gospel goes out to the nations. The LORD calls us to glorify him among all the peoples, whether among our neighbors or those who are living in distant lands.

    The Old Testament can be hard to read. A big difficulty is that we don’t always know how it relates to today. How much of this message from Isaiah or Leviticus or Judges actually applies to us, here in the 21st century? There are many connections from then to now which we can explore together. more

  • 3. God's Disappointing Vineyard

    Contributed on Feb 13, 2022

    We enjoy all the privileges of the vineyard. So after all that God has done, all that He’s given in Jesus, what will He find on our branches? What He’s looking for is simple. God wants repentance and faith. He wants us to turn away from our sins and to turn to his Son as our Saviour and Lord.

    Maybe you’ve had to rebuke someone before. There was an admonition for sin you wanted to give, but this was the problem: you knew the other person probably wasn’t going to take it very well. They’d get upset, or defensive, or just deny it and storm away. Probably very few of us can accept more

  • 4. Encountering The Holy God

    Contributed on Mar 6, 2022

    When all hope is lost, when it looks like nothing is left—when the king is dead and the world is a mess—God is still working. For He is the great and holy king, and He sits on his throne, high and lifted up.

    Being a prophet was one of the hardest jobs in the Old Testament. A prophet had to speak unsettling words, confronting sinners with sin and warning of judgment. They were usually unpopular, often persecuted. So a prophet needed a really clear sense that this is what he was called to do, the more

  • 5. Trust In Immanuel

    Contributed on Mar 13, 2022

    Our Saviour is Immanuel, God with us—in the present tense. And He will be, now and always. This name can give us confidence. For if God is with us, no one can stand against us, and nothing can keep us from his love.

    When Dad and Mom receive the good news that a child is on the way, there’s a few things they’ll do. Paint the baby room. Take a birthing class. And pick names. Dad and Mom might want to choose a name with a family connection, and name the little one after Grandpa or a favourite aunt. Or perhaps more

  • 6. The Hero And Champion Of Salvation

    Contributed on Mar 20, 2022

    Christ came to reach sinners, those at the bottom, those who’ve reached the end of themselves and realized that their only hope is in him. When we are humbled in our sin, had enough of the darkness and want to escape the gloom, Christ shines his light upon us.

    Have you experienced how just one person can make all the difference in the world? You had a friend who stood by you in a dark time. You’ve been blessed with the gift of a devoted spouse with whom to serve the Lord. Or maybe a country was fortunate to have a strong leader during conflict, one who more

  • 7. Hope For A Broken World

    Contributed on Apr 3, 2022

    The Root of Jesse will unite and heal everything in this world that has been broken and separated. Those who once were aggressive, hostile, and violent will live together in the harmony that only Christ can give.

    When you look around the world, you see there’s a lot going wrong. People who don’t care at all about God are thriving. The tide of our culture is rushing quickly toward dangerous places. Just go to the public library, or onto Netflix or YouTube, and you’re confronted with many godless values. more

  • 8. God Brings Down The Proud

    Contributed on Apr 10, 2022

    In the church's fear and struggle, feeling hard-pressed and helpless, she can be encouraged. We know that the proud of the earth will not endure forever. The violent will not prevail. God is on his throne: He is the great judge and our faithful Saviour.

    The world has seen many cruel tyrants and dictators. Sometimes these powerful men live out their days to the fullest, enjoying all the glories of their position right to the end, then dying in comfort. But many end in humiliation and defeat. The great Napoleon spent his last years in exile on a more

  • 9. The Suffering Servant Of The Lord

    Contributed on Apr 14, 2022

    You can’t really appreciate the cross if you don’t know how bad you are every day, how guilty. The cross doesn’t mean anything if you’re a good person, comfortable and at ease with yourself. Do you know how much you need the work of Christ?

    Imagine what it was like for the Ethiopian man in Acts 8. He’s traveling south through the countryside, having just been to Jerusalem to worship. He’s a foreigner, but he’s devoted to the Israelite faith—for he knows it is God’s truth! Now on his way home, the LORD is still very much on his mind. more

  • 10. God Makes The Nations Into His Holy People

    Contributed on May 9, 2022

    God saves the nations for the glory of his great name. For the LORD is the perfectly holy God, the God who is worthy of praise from all people. So He wants us to tell our neighbours about Christ, and He wants us to go to the nations with his gospel.

    Before we get into this fascinating portion of God’s Word, we need to take a glance backwards. Since chapter 13, Isaiah has been bringing against the nations these grim messages of judgment. For instance, he prophesied in chapter 14 that the proud king of Babylon was going to be brought low, cast more

  • 11. What Is Your Song?

    Contributed on May 15, 2022

    Everyone’s heart has a song. There’s something that brings joy to every person. Take a moment to listen, to reflect. If your heart has a song, a regular anthem and refrain, what would it be? Where do you find your pleasure and purpose? Make the Lord your song and your delight.

    What is the song that we sing? Some people are often humming a tune, singing along with whatever playlist is on their earbuds. So what songs do we sing, or choose to listen to? And ‘our song’ is really a question about our joy. It’s not just about the artists and albums we choose (important more

  • 12. A Welcome Change In Government

    Contributed on May 26, 2022

    Christ is Lord even over those who seem to have all the influence today. They’re not running things, He is. They’re not shaping history, He is. None can override him, for Christ holds the keys. He will be forever secure on his throne!

    A change in government is always a big deal: there are new cabinet members to choose, new policies to begin implementing, new office spaces to move into. The old is quickly shuffled to one side, and the new is put into the spotlight. In our text today, we see something similar. Isaiah 22 describes more

  • 13. Where Do You Put Your Trust?

    Contributed on May 29, 2022

    Keep yourself from idols because all of them will come to nothing. Don’t trust in something that’s going to fail you in the end. Remember that you have a better refuge, a kingdom that cannot be shaken. The LORD God alone is the shade in whom we may dwell, in whom we may put our trust.

    Where do you put your trust? Without any exaggeration at all, that’s the most important question of our life: Who to trust? What do you seek for the security, confidence, the peace and rest that you need? And this is the only right answer: ‘I trust in God. I wait on him. My faith is in the Lord more

  • 14. God's Spirit Is Poured Onto A Wilderness

    Contributed on Jun 5, 2022

    The Spirit is poured out from on high, “and the wilderness becomes a fruitful field.” It’s like the change from a dry desert into garden land. When God sends his Spirit, He begins to produce good fruits. That’s the sure effect of his work: a harvest for God.

    If you looked back on the thirty-two chapters of Isaiah before our text, what would stand out about the people of God? How could we describe the nation of Judah in this book, and what they’ve shown themselves to be like? It’s not a flattering picture. Back in the very first chapter, the very first more

  • 15. What Is Salvation Like?

    Contributed on Jun 12, 2022

    For our hearts, God can be the only true joy. When sin reigns in our hearts, when we have shut our ears to God's voice, we will never find happiness. But where sin is repented from, where God is healing us from the inside out, and we are walking with him, there is great joy.

    Today we celebrate salvation! God has saved us from our sins, not because of anything we have done, but purely out of his grace and mercy in Christ. Sins forgiven, hearts renewed, glory promised—this is the gift of his love. If someone asked you, what would you say that salvation is like? To what more