Sermon Series
  • 1. Trusting Jesus

    Contributed on Apr 26, 2007
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    Where is your life headed? Jesus knew, and he encouraged his disciples to follow Him. Is your life headed toward a dead end street? Jesus is the way!

    a. I have been preaching on the subject of Trust for several weeks now. It is a theme that runs through the entire bible and includes Easter Sunday! b. I would like to have you take a journey with me back to the days before Jesus’ crucifixion, to the time when Jesus is preparing his disciples more

  • 2. Don't Trust In Man

    Contributed on Apr 26, 2007
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    We place our trust in a lot of things, but God is the only One who is certain, all others, especially people will fail us.

    Psalm 118 video - you can download this video for free from My message today will deal with our need to trust in God and not in man. a. It is the central theme of the Bible. b. It is the key to a successful life. c. It is core to finding more

  • 3. Don't Trust Your Eyes

    Contributed on Apr 26, 2007
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    You cannot always trust what you see, because our eyes were not designed to see everything there is. The spiritual world holds much we cannot see.

    Don’t Trust Your eyes. Joke: a. A woman walks in a store to return a pair of eyeglasses that she had purchased for her husband a week before. "What seems to be the problem, madam?" "I’m returning these glasses I bought for my husband. He’s still not seeing things my way." b. Never lie to an more

  • 4. Trusting Reason

    Contributed on Apr 26, 2007
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    You cannot always trust what you think. Your mind is fallible. Faith is required for what reason cannot attain.

    a. In our first week on this subject, we did an overview about trust and we learned that trust is developed through a loving relationship with the one we are learning to believe in. b. We learned that the “trustworthiness” of the one we must believe in is vital, and that even if we have all the more

  • 5. Trust - An Introduction

    Contributed on Apr 26, 2007
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    Trust is a theme that runs throughout the bible. It runs from cover to cover.

    a. As I watched the headlines last week of a school being destroyed by a tornado, and numerous communities having been flattened, church building wrecked and countless homes ruined, the Lord took me to a place in my heart that said, “what would you say to your church if that was your community?” more