Sermon Series
  • 1. Here Comes The Bride

    Contributed on Sep 19, 2017

    This sermon on Genesis 24 covers the story of finding a bride for Isaac. The application focuses on learning to follow God in all our decision making, especially when looking for a mate.

    Introduction: A. Once there was a young couple who decided to get married. 1. As the big day approached, they grew apprehensive, because each of them had a problem they had never before shared with anyone, not even each other. 2. The groom-to-be decided to ask his father for advice about his more

  • 2. The Highs And Lows Of Life

    Contributed on Aug 23, 2017
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    In this sermon, we see Abraham experiencing the highs and lows of life and we learn how to walk with God through them.

    Introduction: A. A group of students in Texas was taking a class on the psychology of emotions. 1. The professor wanted to know what the opposite of happy was. a. One student raised their hand and said, “Sad.” “Very good,” said the professor. 2. Then the professor asked, “What’s the more

  • 3. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

    Contributed on Jul 31, 2017

    This sermon covers Abraham's experience with God when the Lord came for dinner one day.

    Introduction: A. One Saturday, the new preacher went out to visit in the homes of some of his new church members. 1. All went well until he came to a certain house. 2. It was obvious that someone was home, but no one came to the door even after he had knocked several times. 3. Finally, he more

  • 4. Letting God Choose

    Contributed on Jun 19, 2017

    Abraham and Lot discover how to let God help us to make the right decisions and choices in our lives.

    Introduction: A. How many of you have enjoyed watching the TV show “Let’s Make a Deal” over the years? 1. It has been on and off the air since its beginning in 1963. 2. The longest running and best known host was Monty Hall, but Wayne Brady has been hosting the show since 2009. 3. We can more

  • 5. The First Steps Of Faith

    Contributed on Jun 4, 2017
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    In this sermon, we look at Abraham's first steps of faith as God makes promises and gives commands to Abraham.

    Introduction: A. Let’s imagine for a minute that you are lost in the desert. 1. Your throat is parched and your tongue is dry. a. You tell yourself, “Just one sip of water, I’d give anything for just one sip!” 2. Then you see something up ahead – a water pump is sitting there in the middle more

  • 6. A Failure Of Faith

    Contributed on Jun 12, 2017
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    No one is perfect. Even the greatest of Biblical characters are sinners. When Abraham faced the first crisis since deciding to walk with God, he defaulted to his old ways of falsehood rather than walking by faith.

    Introduction: A. The story is told of a young boy who came home from practice all decked out in his baseball outfit. 1. Cheerfully, his mom asked him, “How did Little League go?” 2. The little boy growled, “Terrible! I struck out three times!” 3. Trying to console her son, his mom said, more

  • 7. Can We Chat

    Contributed on Jul 3, 2017
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    In the sermon, we witness God and Abraham having a conversation. The things that God tells Abraham truly change his life and he put his trust in God.

    Introduction: A. Years ago Dr. Seuss published a children’s book entitled “Horton Hears a Who.” It was recently turned into a movie. 1. How many of you have read the book or seen the movie? 2. It’s a story about an elephant named Horton who hears voices coming from a little speck of dust. more

  • 8. Learning To Wait On God

    Contributed on Jul 12, 2017
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    In this section from the story of Abraham, we see that he and Sarah got ahead of God and tried to force God to bring an heir through Hagar. There are a lot of important lessons for us to learn from this episode.

    Introduction: A. One day there was a man who was taking it easy, lying on the grass, looking up at the clouds, and having a conversation with God 1. The man said, “God, how long is a million years to you?” a. God answered, “In my frame of reference, a million years is about a minute.” 2. The more

  • 9. A Name You Can Trust

    Contributed on Jul 17, 2017
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    This sermon explores the spiritual lessons from Genesis 17 as God reveals Himself as El Shaddai and changes Abram and Sarai's names.

    Introduction: A. One day, a woman pregnant with twins got into a car accident and fell into a deep coma for 6 months. 1. When she awoke from the coma and saw that she was no longer pregnant and she frantically asked the doctor about her babies. 2. The doctor replied, “Ma’am your twins are fine, more

  • 10. Taking God Seriously

    Contributed on Jul 31, 2017

    This sermon covers Genesis 19 - the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and challenges us to take God seriously.

    Introduction: A. Once there was a man who grew watermelons to supplement his meager income. 1. He was doing pretty well, until some local kids began sneaking into his watermelon patch at night to eat his watermelons. 2. After some careful thought, he came up with a clever idea that he thought more

  • 11. Old Habits Are Hard To Break

    Contributed on Aug 7, 2017

    In this sermon, we witness Abraham falling back into the same sinful pattern of lying and we are forced to wrestle with our own struggle against sinful habits that are hard to break.

    Introduction: A. Several elderly nuns were on the second floor of their convent one night when a fire broke out. 1. When the nuns realized the fire was blocking the exit, they took their habits off, tied them together to make a rope, and climbed out the window. 2. After they were safely on the more

  • 12. Passing Life's Greatest Tests

    Contributed on Aug 28, 2017

    This sermon explores the lessons we can learn from Abraham's faith and obedience as he proceeded with sacrificing Isaac as God commanded.

    Introduction: A. A college student had come to take his final exam in his ornithology class (the study of birds). 1. It had been a tough class with a tough professor. 2. The exam consisted of 25 pictures of birds’ feet and he had to identify which birds they were based solely on their more

  • 13. Till Death Do Us Part

    Contributed on Sep 5, 2017

    In this sermon, we are privileged to see how a man of God faced the death of his wife and we learn some lessons about facing grief and helping others through their losses.

    A. The story is told of three friends who were hanging out one day, and their conversation grimly turned to the issue of death. 1. One of the friends asked the others, “What would you like people to say about you at your funeral?” 2. One friend answered, “I would want people to say, ‘He was a more

  • 14. What A Way To Go!

    Contributed on Sep 25, 2017
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    In this concluding sermon on the life of Abraham, we learn some lessons about finishing strong.

    Introduction: A. Have you given much thought to how you hope to die? 1. One man with a sense of humor wrote, “When I die, I want to go like my grandfather did, peacefully in his sleep – not screaming in terror like the other people in his car!” 2. I know, I know, death isn’t something to joke more