Sermon Series
  • 1. A Praise-Filled Heart

    Contributed on Aug 10, 2016
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    A Praise-Filled Heart is part of a sermon series looking at those heart qualities Christian's should possess. This sermon takes its content from Psalm 138 as we look at three aspects of a heart filled with praise: a whole, humble, and encouraged heart

    A Christian’s Heart “A Praise-Filled Heart” Psalm 138:1-2 Introduction The idea of praising God for who He is, the Almighty God, Creator, Deliverer, Redeemer, Restorer, and Savior should be tantamount for all Christians. • We praise God for being our King, Judge, Warrior, and Shepherd. more

  • 2. A Christian’s Heart - Introduction

    Contributed on May 21, 2016
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    This is the introduction to the new sermon series, "A Christian's Heart." In this sermon we look at the heart, specifically the spiritual heart and three aspects of what a Christian's heart should be, a loving, changed, and a heart that follows God.

    A Christian’s Heart - Introduction Today we’re going to begin a new series on the type of heart Christians are to possess. This morning I’m going to give you a little taste of this series as we look at three things I consider to be tantamount to anyone who calls themselves more

  • 3. A Spirit-Filled Heart

    Contributed on Jul 4, 2016
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    "A Spirit-Filled Heart" is part of the Christian's Heart series looking at the quality of being spirit filled, and what a Spirit-filled heart looks like. A Spirit-Filled heart is a heart that's is set ablaze, filled to overflowing, and empowered.

    A Christian’s Heart “A Spirit-Filled Heart” There really isn’t any one quality that supersedes other qualities when it comes to what should be in a Christian’s heart. But if there was one, this would be it, and that’s because it’s the Holy Spirit that more

  • 4. A Forgiving Heart

    Contributed on Jul 14, 2016
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    "A Forgiving Heart" is part of the "Christian's Heart series and deals with what a forgiving heart looks like, including that it is a heart of compassion, a forgiving heart, and a heart that is forgiven.

    A Christian’s Heart “A Forgiving Heart” Introduction Let me begin our study with this truth, we’re all going to be hurt by someone, somewhere, and at sometime. It may be something someone says at work, or a parent or friend’s broken promise, or it could be a more

  • 5. A Purposeful Hear

    Contributed on Sep 20, 2016
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    This sermon is part of the "A Christian's Heart" series and deals with having a purposeful heart. It's taken from the life of Daniel. A purposeful heart is a sincere heart, a committed heart, and a heart of self-denial.

    A Christian’s Heart “A Purposeful Heart” Daniel 1 The year is 605 B.C. and Jerusalem has just been taken by the Babylonian army, and Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, gave instructions to one of his top recruiters, Ashpenaz, master of his eunuchs, to bring the best and more

  • 6. A Faith-Filled Heart

    Contributed on Jul 20, 2016
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    This sermon is a part of A Christian's Heart series dealing with the qualities of a faith-filled heart, qualities like belief, patience, and child likeness.

    A Christian’s Heart “A Faith-Filled Heart” So far in our series we’ve looked at a servant’s and wounded healer’s heart, along with a heart that is filled with integrity, grace, forgiveness, and the Holy Spirit. Today we’re going to looking at a more

  • 7. A Courageous Heart

    Contributed on Aug 17, 2016
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    This is part of The Christian's Heart series dealing with various qualities found within a believer's heart. This sermon is on the quality of courage. Through the life of Joshua we realize a courageous heart is a faithful, word-filled and trusting heart.

    A Christian’s Heart “A Courageous Heart” Introduction A heart filled with courage possess those qualities that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, disappointment, despair, death, and whatever else life throws at them. Courage is putting our faith in action. To more

  • 8. A Hope-Filled Heart

    Contributed on Jul 26, 2016
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    Part of "A Christian's Heart" series this sermon deals with a heart that is filled with hope. A hope-filled heart is a heart that senses and knows God while rejecting what the world places its hopes upon.

    A Christian’s Heart “A Hope-Filled Heart” Introduction It safe to say that all of us have had bad days, and some of us have had a long line of bad days and it doesn’t seem like they are ever going to end. It’s been said that a person can go 40 days without more

  • 9. An Integrity Filled Heart

    Contributed on May 23, 2016
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    This is part of the sermon series on a Christian's Heart. In this sermon we explore a heart that's filled with integrity including integrity being an inside job, it's about the small things and not circumstances, and finally it has both costs and benefits

    A Christian’s Heart “An Integrity Filled Heart” When talking about the qualities that are necessary for a Christian heart, integrity is one quality that cannot be ignored. The reason is because that’s the type of heart God desires and uses. Of King David it says, more

  • 10. A Servant's Heart

    Contributed on Jun 6, 2016
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    This is part of "A Christian's Heart" sermon series and looks at a servant's heart and how it is humble, obedient, and sacrificial. It then looks at the rewards for having a servant's heart.

    A Christian’s Heart “A Servant’s Heart” Philippians 2:5-11 We’re continuing through our study on a Christian’s heart. This study is about those qualities that every Christian should and needs to have in their life. Why is it important to have such a more

  • 11. A Wounded Healer’s Heart

    Contributed on Jun 15, 2016
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    As part of the Christian's Heart series, this sermon looks at the heart quality of being a wounded healer. It looks at the ultimate wounded healer, Jesus, and is a heart of of compassion, a heart of a giver, and a heart of faith.

    A Christian’s Heart “A Wounded Healer’s Heart” In our series on the heart of a Christian we’re looking at those qualities that every Christian needs and should have. Today’s is no exception; in fact, it’s vital in our sharing the good news of Jesus more

  • 12. A Grace-Filled Heart

    Contributed on Jun 28, 2016
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    Today's sermon, A Grace-Filled Heart is part of the "A Christian Heart" series. It looks at a heart that is grateful, enduring, and a heart that fears God. It also walks through John Newton's hymn, "Amazing Grace."

    A Christian’s Heart “A Grace-Filled Heart” Introduction In this series on a Christian’s heart we’re looking at those qualities a Christian should and needs to possess, qualities that should be deep within our hearts. Today we’re going to be looking at more