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Parents, you are accountable for disciplining and teaching your children about God, salvation, and how to live and make godly decisions

· How important is it?

· A Spiritual Clinic, J. Oswald Sanders recorded observations about two Revolutionary War era families from New England, and the differing impacts each has had down through the generations.

o One family descended from Max Jute, a godless man who married a woman of like character. 1200 known descendents were studied: 310 became vagrants; 440 lived in a debauched lifestyle; 130 were sent to prison, 7 of them for murder; over 100 alcoholics; 60 thieves; 190 prostitutes; of the 20 that learned a trade, 10 of them learned it in prison.

o Other family descended from Jonathan Edwards, the great preacher, who had married a Christian woman. 300 became preachers, missionaries, or seminary professors; over 100 college professors; over 100 attorneys, 30 of them judges; 60 physicians; over 60 authors; 14 university presidents, 3 US congressmen, 1 vice president of the US.

· Parents, are you setting the example for your children to follow? Are you leading them in the right direction? Are you telling them to do what’s right, or are you showing them to do what’s right?

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