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A preacher's little girl went to bed sick one evening. A few minutes later she got up and said to her mother, "Mama, I must see daddy right now." Her mama replied, "Honey, you can't talk to daddy right now. He's working on his sermon."

She said, "Mother! I'm a sick woman and I must see my preacher right now!"

Brothers and sisters, there are a lot of sick people in our world who need a preacher! There are multitudes of people in our world and community who are spiritually sick and they need a preacher! THEY NEED SOMEONE TO REACH OUT TO THEM IN LOVE AND WITH THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST!

In one town some years ago a little boy attended the Sunday School at a certain church. When his family moved to another part of the town the little boy still attended the same Sunday school, although it meant a long, tiresome walk each way.

A friend asked him why he walked so far to go to Sunday School, and told him that there were plenty of other churches just as good near his home. "They may be as good for other people, but not for me," was his reply. "Why not?" he was asked. "Because they love a kid over there," he replied.

From Steve Shepherd's Sermon "Tis the Season to Live and Give"

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