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Would You Give Me One?

Don't say you would give if only you had something to give. There was a farmer who asked his neighbor, "If you had a million dollars, would you give me half of it?" The second fellow was amazed at the question and replied, "Of course, I would do that in a minute."

The questioner persisted, "If you had cars, would you give me one of them?" The friend said, "I can't believe you asked that. Since we are such good friends, sure; you know I would give you one."

Third question: "If you had two hogs, would you give me one?" The other guy said, "Shoot, man, you know I've got two hogs."

Jesus was saying to take what you have, give it and see what happens. Jesus had no time for the spirit which waits until all the circumstances are perfect before it thinks of helping.

Jesus said, "If you see someone in trouble, help him with what you have. You never know what good you may do."

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