Sermon Illustrations


A man and woman find themselves standing at the pearly gates. Saint Peter, to his surprise, finds the couple very disappointed to be getting into heaven. You see, they were on their way to get married and instead of arriving at their wedding, they ended up at the entrance of heaven. The bride is quite upset and she tearfully asks Saint Peter, “Could you find us a pastor, so we can get married?” “I’m sorry”, says Peter, “But there is no marriage in heaven, it is just not done”. At this, the bride melts into a pool of tears, she is inconsolable. Finally, Peter cannot take it anymore and tells the bride, “Ok, ok, ok. I think this is a big mistake, but I will do my best to find a pastor and see if we can arrange a wedding.” At this the bride calms down and the couple enter the heaven through the pearly gates.

Three months go by and the couple hasn’t heard anything from Saint Peter. So they walk back to the pearly gates to see if Peter forgot about them. “No, I haven’t forgot about you, I am still looking. I will get this done, don’t come back, I’ll get a hold of you. I thing like this just takes some time here in heaven.” Assured by Peter’s promise the couple go back into heaven.

Six months go by, then nine, then finally eighteen months – the couple is not happy. Finally, they receive a call – Peter has found a Pastor. “Are you sure you want to go through with this?”, Peter asks. “Yes, we are so ready”, squeal the couple. All goes well at the wedding and the couple enter heaven as the first, and only, married couple in...

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