Sermon Illustrations

Life Examples: Elijah: Responding to Stress (1 Kings 19:3)

Stressful situations can drive us to inappropriate responses. The prophet Elijah illustrates the importance of viewing circumstances from God’s perspective.

God sent the prophet to rescue Israel from its moral and spiritual decline. Elijah confronted and defeated the prophets of Baal, but the wicked Queen Jezebel immediately threatened to kill him for executing her false prophets.

Instead of holding fast to God’s faithfulness, Elijah panicked, ran, and hid (1 Kings 19:3). Only when he recalled God’s past faithfulness did he realize it was sufficient for his present circumstances. If God could protect and provide for seven thousand others in Israel, He could sustain Elijah. So after a rest, the prophet returned to his mission for God.

Like Elijah, we need to rest in God, recall His faithfulness, and trust Him for the future. God remains active in our lives even when it feels as though He has fallen silent.

-The Charles F. Stanley Life Principles Bible