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In a recent column in Leadership Weekly, Gordon MacDonald, a retired pastor and editor at large for Leadership, a journal for pastors, reflected on a comment from Louis Berkhof who said, "God does not want us as objects but as covenant partners, partners who can converse. He desires our conversation input, our spontaneous gratitude, our free concurrence, but also our patient or impatient questions (rather than) our silent, unconvinced acquiescence.”

In his reflection MacDonald asked, “Does God want conversation? Does God really desire my patient or impatient questionings?" I’ve got a lot of the latter if He’s really interested. Is he?”

“If I could get my own impatient questions,” he goes on to say, “off my chest and shoot them heavenward with a bit of passion and challenge, maybe I’d feel a tad better. Perhaps… God wouldn’t mind my advice on occasion…advice which he is free, of course, to accept or reject. Would it be all right to shout at God about a few...

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