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A teenage boy found himself in a parked car with a few other rather unscrupulous friends. He knew that he was where he shouldn’t be. The car was tucked away in a private location to keep their deeds secret. Soon, a bottle of 151 rum made its way around the car. Each teen took a large gulp and then passed it on. The boy never had a drink of liquor before. He liked his friends. He didn’t want to seem like a chicken or a nerd. His heart raced as the bottle drew closer and closer to him. He took grip of the neck of the bottle, raising it to his lips. There was a girl in the car ready and willing to take his purity from him as soon as he took that first swig. The bottle tipped up, and just before that vile stuff hit his lips, pain shot from his chest throughout his entire body. Wracked with pain, he threw the bottle down and demanded to be taken home.

When he arrived to the two-room shack that he called home, he saw a light on. We quietly walked in to find his mother crying and praying. He overheard her praying "Lord, please deliver my boy. Lord, please deliver my boy. Lord, please deliver my boy. Lord, please...

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