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Brian Mavis avatar
You Share Christ By Imitating Christ. A Story Is ...
Shared By: Brian Mavis on Oct 27, 2000
Summary: You share Christ by imitating Christ. A story is told – by Fredrick Beuchner I believe – called “The Happy Hypocrite." It is a story about a man who was born with an awful facial deformity. He grew up alone and lonely. When reaching adulthood, he de...
Category: Stories
Bobby  Gilstrap avatar
Two Bicycle Repairmen In Dayton, Ohio, Dreamed Of ...
Shared By: Bobby Gilstrap on Jan 25, 2001
Summary: Two bicycle repairmen in Dayton, Ohio, dreamed of flying. They went to the Dayton Public Library and checked out a book on the life and works of a German man named Lilienthal, who had succeeded in flying a glider. The two men were named Orville an...
Category: Stories
based on 153 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: none
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Bruce Howell avatar
A High School Girl Wrote The Following Letter To ...
Shared By: Bruce Howell on Jun 19, 2001
Summary: A high school girl wrote the following letter to a friend: I attended your church yesterday. Although you had invited me, you were not there. I looked for you, hoping to sit with you. I sat alone. A stranger, I wanted to sit near the back of ...
Category: Stories
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SermonCentral  avatar
The Evolution of Mothers
Shared By: SermonCentral on Apr 6, 2002
Summary: THE EVOLUTION OF MOTHERS Being a parent changes everything. But being a parent also changes with each baby. Here are some of the ways having a second and third child is different from having the first. Your Clothes 1st baby: You begin weari...
Category: Humor
based on 69 ratings
Scripture: Jeremiah 1:5-10
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Michael McCartney avatar
The World Is In A Crisis Of Confusion Concerning ...
Shared By: Michael McCartney on Jun 25, 2008
Summary: The world is in a crisis of confusion concerning the character and the nature of God. Just as paganism and polytheism tainted the ancient Near Eastern world, our society is influenced by corrupted views of God. The names have changed, but the false ...
Category: Quotes
Ed Vasicek avatar
In Their Book Sway, Ori And Rom Brafman Tell ...
Shared By: Ed Vasicek on Jun 28, 2010
Summary: In their book Sway, Ori and Rom Brafman tell about a test that was conducted at a college. They said the teacher couldn't make it, but they had a guest instructor. Half the students were given a brief bio that included the statement that the instru...
Category: Stories
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Scripture: none
Gordon Weatherby avatar
Light Of The ...
Shared By: Gordon Weatherby on May 2, 2013
Summary: LIGHT OF THE WORLD Jesus stated that we are to be the "Light of the World", and that a city set on a hill cannot be hidden. In the Canadian province of New Brunswick there is a church building on Deer Island that for many years has served as a ...
Category: Stories