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Byron Sherman avatar
Shared By: Byron Sherman on Nov 2016
Scripture: 1 Peter 2:13-17
Audience: Adults
Leighton (Lee) Vary avatar
The Gospel Of Matthew
Shared By: Leighton (Lee) Vary on Oct 2015
70 sermons in this series: Introducing Matthew The Genealogy of Christ The Birth of Christ The Wise Men Would You Hire this Man? The Baptism of Christ The Temptation of Christ Beginning Ministry Behold I Will Make You Fishers of Men Jesus ministry: it power its activities its influence The Beatitudes - part 1 The Beautitudes - Continued The Beatitudes - Continued The Beatitudes - Continued - 4 The Sermon on the mount - Salt Sermon on the Mount - Light Jesus fulfilled the law The Beautitudes (Continued) Anger The Sheep and The Goats Our Master's Joy Ten Virgins Signs of the End of the Age More About the End of the Age The Coming of Christ The Parable of the Fig Tree The Lord’s Return and the Christian’s Duty The Road to the Cross Adultery Swearing The Crucifixion The Triumph Torture and Crucifixion Burial of the Christ Peter's Denial Peter's Denials Jesus Was Dead and Now He Lives Christ’s Principle of Love Giving Alms Praying with the Right Motives Long Empty Prayers The Lord's Prayer - Part 1 The Lord's Prayer - Continued Forgiveness and Unforgiveness Fasting Riches Why Baptism Jesus Healing the Woman with the Issue of Blood Judging Others Something About Prayer The Golden Rule One Way Beware Beware If you are willing Faith that Impresses Count the Cost and Pay the Price The Sleeping Savior Life as it Really Is Healing the Paralitic Matthew the Tax Collector Patched old clothing new wine in old wineskins Get Out of the Boat The Goats Jesus heals two blind men One more miracle Go into all the World Jesus Calls His Disciples Jesus Sends the Twelve to the Lost Sheep of Israel More About the Apostles Life Jesus Instructions and Warnings to His Disciples More
based on 4 ratings
Audience: Adults
David Rigg avatar
Shared By: David Rigg on Feb 2016
W Pat Cunningham avatar
Joy of the Gospel
Shared By: W Pat Cunningham on Aug 2014
120 sermons in this series: No one is excluded from the joy of the Lord. How Good It Feels to Come Back to Him Why Should We not Also Enter into Joy? How Can We Fail to Share That Love Joy in Evangelization Vanity or Discipleship Evangelization by Encouragement The Missionary Mandate The Unruly Freedom of the Word Catch Fire with the Gospel A New Evangelical Explosion Useless or Useful? The integrity of the Gospel message must not be deformed Making the Gospel's Beauty more clearly recognized Open the Doors of the Church Breaking Habits which Make us Feel Safe Discerning a Turning Point in History Can We Refuse to See Our Brothers and Sisters? Harden Not Your Hearts Evil Embedded in the Structures of Society Leads to Death The Quality and Attitude of Giving Evangelization--Sacred vs Secular Secularism and the Fight for the Family A More Just and Believing Society Deficiencies that Need Healing by the Gospel of Joy Evangelizing the Cities Re-creating the Effective Pastoral Minister Saint Joseph and the Joy of the Gospel A Revolution of Tenderness What Is the Revolution of Tenderness? The Lure of "Spiritual Worldliness" God's plan is best Fraternal Charity the antidote to wars The special role of the laity Ordination and the Role of Women in the Church Ministry to the Young and our Evangelical Mission Evangelization and Grace Fighting the Culture of Capitulation Cultural Diversity and the Spread of the Gospel Share the Gospel--What Are We Waiting For? The Nitty-Gritty of Personal Evangelization The World Needs a Witness of Hope No Conflict Between Truths Homilies and the Joy of the Gospel Helping the Preacher to Become the Best Version of Himself Sharing the Father's Embrace in Preaching Communicating the Biblical Author's Message Be Enlightened and then Teach the Word No One is More Understanding and Willing to Wait Ear to God's People The Positive Message of the Gospel is Simple Tolerance--no; Forbearance--yes Education and Service Promote Growth in Faith The Way of Beauty Building a Community of benai shalom Judging sinful actions as we accompany the fellow sinner A Missionary Church Building the Kingdom Community Herod wants to Kill You A challenge to action Stewardship Solidarity and Wages Free to Serve or Not The Joy of the Gospel and the Option for the Poor Being Close to the Poor Praying that Politicians Relish What is Right Mary Ark of the Covenant End of a Year of Trouble; Beginning of a Year of Mercy Living the Lord's Prayer: forgive us The Joy of the Gospel and Freedom from Slavery Neither a Slave nor a Slave-owner Stewards of Children and Creation The Joy of the Gospel and Pursuit of Peace Politicians Planning and the Gospel Unity Over Conflict Realities trump Ideas Success or Failure? The Path of Dialogue Neither Positivism nor Scientism The Dialogue of Ecumenism Dialogue with Faithful Judaism The Value of Interreligious Dialogue Religious Freedom Fundamental Human Right Our Responsibility to Non-Believers Work and Pray The Need for Contemplation Revealing the Mystery of Jesus's Divine Life Fulfilling our Commitments as Evangelization Alleviating the Pain of Others as Evangelical Witness Reasons for Faithfulness and Gratitude The Real Resurrection Changing Hearts Changing Worlds Inconveniencing Ourselves for Others Pray for Us Preachers Pray for Homilists The Joy of the Gospel is Healing So They Want to Continue the Conversation Speaking the Truth from Our Heart Prepare to Share Preach What the Word Says The Attitude of the Evangelist Take the Risk and Grow Listening to Both God and Gods' People We Learn Obedience to become Like Jesus The Gospel and the Court of Herod St. Michael and the Way of Beauty Conquering Contrary Inclinations Attitudes of Change and the Word of God The Social Dimension of Evangelism Gather Up All Things in Christ Preparing for the Coming of Christ Instruments of Liberation of the Poor In the Spirit of St. Francis Christmas is for Helping the Poor We Must Serve the Poor How Much Must We Do? Converting the Economy to the Gospel Grant Us Godly Politicians New Forms of Poverty: Our Responsibility Less Respect Than a Dog Gets Gospel of joy is a Gospel of peace Fullness and Limitation Time and Space More
based on 2 ratings
Audience: Adults
based on 10 ratings
Audience: Adults
Robert Fa'atoia Collins avatar
God is Able
Shared By: Robert Fa'atoia Collins on Mar 2008
2 sermons in this series: REST IN THE ARMS OF GOD REMEMBER
based on 15 ratings
Audience: Adults