Sermon Series

Back to the Basics

4-Week Sermon Series Kit

Getting back to what matters most

Culture rarely leads us to a more vibrant faith. We all struggle to stay focused on the basics. Time in prayer, reading the scriptures, confessing our sin, and serving others. These are the foundations of our faith. Preach this 4-week series and invite your church back to the basics of walking with Jesus.

This sermon series kit includes:

  • 4 Customizable Sermons
  • 8 Sermon Videos, Motions, and Countdowns
  • 5 Promotional Images for Social Media
  • Promotional Video (Share it on Facebook)
  • Presentation Slide Deck
  • Sermon Series Planning Guide (Download Free Sample)
Title Scripture Preview
Week 1: Prayer Mark 1:35, Eph. 6:18 Download Sermon Preview
Week 2: Scripture 2 Timothy 3:16-17
Week 3: Confession Nehemiah 9:1-3, James 5:16
Week 4: Service 2 Corinthians 9:6-8, Matthew 20:28

Back to the feet of Jesus

The “Church” began with a group of disciples listening & learning as Jesus showed the way. Jump into this series and watch your heart refocus on the simplicity of the Christian faith. Humble and attentive to the Son of God.
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A simple faith rooted in the gospel

Spending time in prayer and scripture is profitable. That’s where Jesus is, that’s where we reconnect with our Savior and King. That’s where we get the fuel necessary to go and do good deeds in service to others.

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