Sermon Series

Prayer That Works

4-Week Sermon Series Kit

Personalize every sermon

Drive your congregation into a prayer life that will move mountains. Packed full with ready-to-use resources, deliver an experience your church will remember.

This sermon series kit includes:

  • 4 Customizable Sermons
  • 4 Mini Movies
  • 7 Sermon Videos, Motions, and Countdowns
  • 2 Promotional Images for Social Media
  • Small Group Discussion Guide
  • 4 Presentation Slide Decks
  • Printable Prayer Journal Handout (Download Free Sample)
Title Scripture Preview
Week 1: How to Pray Like a Righteous Man I Kings 18:22-40 Download Sermon Preview
Week 2: The Power of Persistent Prayer Daniel 10:10-12
Week 3: The Power of Persuasive Prayer Exodus 32:1-20
Week 4: The Prayer of AntiochActs 13:1-3

4 powerful mini movies

Connect with your church visually and drive your point home like never before with 4 professional mini movies included in your series kit (retail value $80).
Unlock all series with PRO Premium.

A strong message that results in changed habits

Now, introduce each sermon with a unique video bumper every week. Use the countdowns to engage your church before you even begin the service. And with motion backgrounds, easily encorporate your theme behind every announcement and worship lyric.

Help your congregation invite their friends and neighbors to be a part of this life-changing series. Share these social media graphics on Facebook, Instagram, or even through email or SMS text.