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God Wins

8-Week Revelation Series

A verse-by-verse study through the book of Revelation where you'll encounter epic events and mysterious players in the ultimate end-time drama.

This sermon series will leave your congregation challenged and hungry for more of Jesus, the Saviour of all mankind.

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God Wins Sermon Series Kit Includes:

  • 8 Customizable Sermons
  • 8 Sermon Video Bumpers
  • 8 Countdown Videos
  • Promotional Video Introduction
  • 8 Social Graphics to Promote Your Series
  • Presentation Sermon Slide Deck
  • Sermon Series Planning Guide (Download Free Sample)

Easily Customize Each Sermon

This is the "testimony of Jesus Christ." Everything here speaks of His presence and power, His great love and sacrifice, even of His enemies and His complete and final victory over everything dark in this world.

This kit contains everything you need to plan and host a powerful four-week sermon series. Included here are practical resources for promoting the series, powerful visual aids, and editable sermons to help you focus during your preparation time.

Every sermon in this series is fully customizable so you can tailor it to fit your church and your context.

Title Scripture Preview
Week 1: Revelation Sent from the Throne of God Revelation 1:1-8 Preview
Week 2: John's Vision of the Voice Revelation 1:9-20
Week 3: Words From The One Who Knows Us Best - 1 Revelation 2
Week 4: Words From The One Who Knows Us Best - 2 Revelation 3
Week 5: The Sights and Sounds of Heaven Revelation 4
Week 6: The Lamb and The Scroll of Redemption Revelation 5
Week 7: The Opening of Six of The Seven Seals Revelation 6
Week 8: The Two Great Multitudes Revelation 7

Professional Video for your Sermon Series

All the media included in this kit has been created by one of the industry's top producers so that the visual presentation is as powerful as the sermon content.

Sold separately, these video productions retail at $100!

Beautiful Design on The Big Screen

Powerfully communicate your main points with 4 customizable slide decks. These done-for-you presentation decks highlight each weekly topic in a bold, engaging design to keep your people focused on God's Word.

Use Social Media to Bless Your Church

Help your congregation invite their friends and neighbors to be a part of this life-changing series. Share these social media graphics on Facebook, Instagram, or even through email or SMS text. Encourage your people to invite their friends.

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Conquest and Glory: A Pastor's Journey Through the Book of Revelation

By Dr. Thomas W. Keinath

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The God Wins sermon series is based on Dr. Thomas W. Keinath's book Conquest and Glory.

Pastors, teachers, and students of Revelation will gain deeper understanding from this verse-by-verse exegetical study. Drawing from the richness of the original language, careful analysis of the Apocalypse is contained in each "Biblical Insight" section. Readers will also be enriched through the devotional approach of each "Life Application" portion. An added tool in this first of two volumes is a comprehensive textual concordance of Revelation, accompanied by summary statements addressing forty-eight subdivisions of theology.

In Conquest and Glory, Dr. Thomas Keinath invites us to examine such questions as: What relevance do the seven churches of Asia have to the Church of our day? Who are the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders? Why is the historic background of a seven-sealed scroll critical to understanding the Scroll of Redemption in the hands of the Lamb? What is the full identity of the great multitude of Chapter Seven? These and scores of other questions are thoroughly addressed in this intriguing journey through the Apocalypse.

"This work is truly a biblical masterpiece on the Book of Revelation. Written from the perspective of a pastor, teacher, and theologian, this is by far one of the best, thought-provoking, deep, and understandable studies I have ever read on the subject. Here is a must-have resource for every Christian and pastor who wants to understand the Book of Revelation."Dr. Richard Martinez, General Director & Dean, New Jersey District School of Ministry; Senior Pastor, Community Gospel Church