Sermon Series
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Forerunner Sermon Series

Get inspired to live with purpose.

With simple lessons from the life of John, bring a jolt of passion to your church.

In this 6-week series, your people will learn their part in introducing the world to the Savior.

6-Week Sermon Series Kit Includes

  • 6 Customizable Sermon Manuscripts
  • HD Videos (Countdown, Invite, Promotional, etc.)
  • Customizable PowerPoint Deck
  • Social Media Images for Facebook, Instagram, Church Website and/or Email
  • Series Planning Guide (Download Free Sample)

6 Customizable Sermons

God used John the Baptist to prepare the way for Jesus Christ.

What if God wants to use you and your church in the same way?

It isn't about munching bugs in the desert. It's about God using His people to prepare the world for the message of Christ.

This series will take your church from engaged listeners to active participants.

Title Scripture Preview
How God Prepares the World Isaiah 40:1-11 Preview
God Prepares Parents Luke 1:5-25
Words Have Power Luke 1:57-80
The One Who Is Greater Than John Luke 2:1-20
How to Introduce People to Jesus John 1:29-51
How to Die Well Acts 18:25; 19:3

Introduce Your Sermons With Video

Use a brand new video each week to introduce your sermon. Each Forerunner video will help your congregation connect with your sermon in a deeper way. Sold separately, these video productions retail at $100!

Beautiful Design on The Big Screen

You'll get the bold new Forerunner slide deck for your series. Use PowerPoint, Keynote, or any presentation software to customize and present your sermon slides. The Forerunner deck allows you to add your own notes, preaching points, Scripture references, and more ... all with the same, striking Forerunner design.

Use Social Media to Your Reach

Help your congregation invite their friends and neighbors to be a part of this life-changing series. Share these social media graphics on Facebook, Instagram, or even through email or SMS text. Encourage your people to invite their friends.