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God's Grace

God's Grace

We marvel at the immensity of forgiveness offered to us in the gospel of Jesus Christ—but do we know just how vast and rich the gift of grace truly is? In this powerful four-week series, share how God's gift of salvation includes far more than the forgiveness of sins.


Your church will learn that while God loved us even as we were, he loves us too much to leave us there. His grace saves us, guides us out of the darkness and into the light. No matter where your congregation is, this series will edify and strengthen an understanding of God's design in all our lives, starting from the inside out.


  • 4 Adult Sermons
  • 4 Video Illustrations
  • 4 PowerPoint Presentations
  • 1 Sermon Series Planning Guide
  • 1 Series Bumper
  • 1 Series Countdown
  • Promotional Images/Social Media Images


Four sermons will provide you and your congregation with tools, insights, and advice for making the most of God's Grace series in your community. Whether your aim is to reach those who are newer to the faith, or to encourage seasoned believers, the following suggestions are sure to help you maximize the opportunities available.

Title Scripture Preview
More Than Forgiveness Titus 2:11-14 Preview »
Paralyzed By Grace? Matthew 11:28-30; Hebrews 10:1-3
Humility Brings Grace 1 Peter 5:5-7
Spreading Grace Peace and Truth John 1:1–18; Hebrews 12:15; 1 Peter 4:8–11

Sermon Videos

Start your sermon off strong by introducing your message with a unique sermon bumper for the series services. This Total Prep Package comes with a unique sermon bumper for God's Grace sermon series. It will engage and center the heart of your audience on the topic of the message before you begin to preach.

PowerPoint Templates

God's Grace Sermon Series comes with a premium PowerPoint Template to help you visualize the main points you'll share with your church. This template features every week's topic in a bold design that is sure to keep your congregation fixed on the importance of God's calling for your Church.

Social Media Graphics

Announce your sermon series on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You'll get graphics designed to generate attention through various social media platforms. Along with simply announcing your services on social media, you can ask each church member to like, share, and comment on the page. They can even post photos of their small groups and favorite church activities.

Mini Movies

Get the point of the message across with these 64mini-movies. The mini-movies in the God's Grace Series were specifically created to connect your audience to the message in video form. With a retail value of $100, this series will increase the production quality of your service at a value that can't be beat.

Videos Produced By: James Grocho (Grochowalski)

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